Friday, 27 July 2018

Remembering Harlan Ellison Pt. 2 (Dave's Weekly Update #245)

Hi,  Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

Donate here, if you're amicable.

Next Time: I don't question what Dave did with all the copies of glamourpuss #5 he had. I also don't send an e-mail to Ted Adams at IDW asking where they are. Really, I don't. Truly. Swear to God...


David Birdsong said...
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David Birdsong said...
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JLH said...

Thanks for the reminder. Last week I had trouble paying the 88 cents as I was no longer using my Paypal balance and instead was trying to use my bank account through Paypal. I finally switched to a credit card and it went through. So if anyone's having trouble paying, that seems to be where the glitch is.

Anonymous said...

What is the "88" cent price point about? I assume it's just a random joke, but that particular number does carry some weird neo-nazi/alt-right connotations, FYI.

Steve said...

Dave plays the second phone message I'd left for him about the poster; there was an earlier one where I told him to expect the poster and that it was being shipped from Ontario.

But I'd also asked about other items that were 'missing' from the Archives that he would be interested in - let us fans out here know, maybe we can track them down and donate.

(That said, it'll do us no good to be bidding AGAINST each other for something!)

I mentioned (as best I remember) the Guys ashcan and Party Pack issues, the signed/numbered editions of the first phonebook given out at a Diamond event (167 copies) and a Capital event (93 copies), the cyan-less issue #7 and #14 - perhaps some other things as well.

The Glamourpuss issue he mentioned was a simple fix, and I've noticed a jump in the eBay bids on a current auction for Archive issues #4 and 5. But there's a multitude of posters and prints and all the other ephemera that makes CerebusFanGirl's site well worth the lingering visit.