Monday, 23 July 2018

Mr. Robinson's Cerebus

Hi, Everybody!

Friend of the Blog, Alex Robinson posted this over at the Official Cerebus Facebook group:
Click for the biggering!
I drew 12 heads for each of the books up through MINDS. I only wanted to do each character once except for Cerebus and the Roach. How many can YOU name?
So I took a stab at it:

Alright, without looking it up, from left to right: Cerebus, Henrot, Graus, Mother Abott, Cerebus, The barbarian guy from High Society (I always think he's Bear, but he's not), Wolveroach, Mrs. Henrot-Gutch, Michelle, Thrunk (AKA: Necross the "Ha ha" Mad), Po, Seth, Next row: Elrod, Um...Sophia?, Madame Du Fort, Bran Mak Muffin, Lord Stormsend (the wuffa wuffa guy), Lord Julius' goat (AKA: Julius Goat), Red Sophia, Lord Julius, Cerebus, Secret Sacred Wars Roach, fug me what's his name? Chico as a like-a-look, Sump Thing, Next row: The Hsifan assassin (slash DeadAlbino), No idea, Woman Thing, Theresa(?), Sgt. Preston Roach of the Royal Iestian Mounted Police, Blakely, Weisstaupt, Bishop Posey, Bear, Prince Mick, Feagle Roach, Magicking (?), Next row: Jaka, The Cockroach, Silverspoon, The John Cleese sergeant guy, "Da docks" guy whazizname, the Rodney Dangerfield guy, Bishop Powers, Jaka, Poobah, the Judge, K'cor, Cerebus, Next row: That one Cirinists (Schwartkoph?), Cerebus, That other Cirinist (Brenda?), I got nothing, Melmoth's buddy (Ross?), Cerebus,, The Cirinists commander lady, And his brother Dirty Drew, Toby (?), Joanne, M. Zulli, Next row: Pud, Beaver Cleaver(?), Rick Nash, Bloody Cirinist, Melmoth Oscar, The young waitress (Janice?), Death, Punisherroach, The "fake" Regency Elf, young Cerebus, Serna/Cirin, Astoria, Next Row: Missy, the old cuss (from "square one"/the end of Jaka's Story), The kitchen lady from the end of Jaka's Story, Melmoth's other buddy, Dino, normalroach, Cerebus, Snuff, Gregori (I admit I made that up...), short hair dream(?) Jaka, other dream (?) Jaka, 40000 eyes Roach, Next Row: Uh...Aunt May(?), Jaka's Story Oscar, Mrs. Thatcher, The mean waitress (Janice?), Prince Keef, Laurel(?) Hardy(?) (I got nothing), The demon Klem, Blossom, The bartender from Women, Cirin/Serna, a...troll(?), Dave Sim/Victor Reid but NOT Victor Davis. #NailedIt!
And then I remembered:
DUKE LEONARDI! How could I forget that!?! #ILookedItUp
And: "'Da docks' guy whazizname"  is Filgate (That one I did remember.)

Okay, "AMOC Special Friend of the Day" goes to anybody who can beat me.

Next Time: I beat whoever beats me, with a bat... Twice.


David Birdsong said...

Second row, second head - Ghita

Third row, second head - E'lass (kept getting beat up in issue 5, drugged Cerebus and made him fall in love with Jaka)

Fifth row, head one and three - two of the three Cirinists that arrested Jaka (?), fourth head - the architect in charge of remodeling Dino's (Melmouth), fifth head - Reggie from Melmouth, eighth head - Nomina Schwartzkopf

Sixth row, second head - I can remember the face, but not where he appears, sixth head - Doris, the nice waitress

Seventh row, ninth head - one of Silverspoon's buddies (?)

Eighth row first head - the other waitress/servant from Jaka's Story epilogue, fourth head - Janice the mean waitress, sixth head - one of the big guys working on Dino's

Your other guesses are about the same as mine, that's all I can get without looking them up.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Did you miss the part where I said I'd beat whoever beats me?
(Violence is not the answer, I got it wrong on purpose...)

David Birdsong said...

Your violent outburst made me suddenly remember where I've seen row six, head two - that's Jaka's "suitor", the young, slow witted guy that sat next to here at dinner wowing her with his stories. "Really, you must tell me more."

Ha, suck on it SkullMouse!

Jeff said...

Where is Ger?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

(I feel like this is a trick question...)

Tony Dunlop said...

The barbarian guy from HS is, I'm pretty sure, Arnold the Issaurian (of Arnold and his Armpit Avengers."

No, I didn't look it up, so I could be mistaken.

Tony again said...

And the Chico character is Duke Leonardi. No, I didn't look that up either.

Anonymous said...

Oops, maybe I should finish reading the post before commenting...

BOPalex said...

seven down, nine across is Baskin