Thursday, 26 July 2018

The Day to Day Schedule

We just looked at Dave Sim's Albatross One last week with a look at a page for Adam Beduin. Notebook #1 covers Cerebus #20 to 28 and while the cover said there was 200 pages in the notebook, there were only 194 pages scanned.

Scrolling through the pages, I found Dave's "to do" list that starts with October 23 to 27 "writing", October 28 - 30 "Diamondback", and November 1 - 12 #23 "DRAWN".

Notebook #1, page 83
Since Cerebus #23 was dated December 1980, I can only imagine that this schedule is for October 1980. Five days to write Cerebus #24 and then twelve days to draw it, a total of 17 days to write and draw a comic book? Twenty four year old Dave Sim had a lot of energy. Looks like he fills his extra time with doing the Swords of Cerebus collections, writing and drawing a Captain Canuck story, putting together a portfolio and doing something with Diamondback. Busy guy.

The above schedule says that Jan 2 to 20 would be for drawing #25. However, going forward to page 132 of the notebook, we see another timeline for January 1981 and drawing #25.

Notebook #1, page 132
Looks like it got moved from Jan 13 to Jan 25 and the rate decreased from two pages a day, to a page and a half a day. There is nothing on the preceding or proceeding pages to say when pages #1 through 3 were completed, or if those are the pages scheduled for Jan 26 to 28. But if those are the pages for later in January, why do pages six and seven again?

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