Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Ol' AMOC Mailbag: David Birdsong

Hi, Everybody!

The Ol' AMOC Mailbag got a number of items from Superman's frenemy, David Birdsong:

Dave’s solution to spotting the counterfeit Cerebus #1
From the Cerebus covers book. 

Click to make it big enough to read the tiny print...
He also sent in: 
Dave Sim in 2005:
I have my suspicions as to who did the counterfeit but, no, the FBI never managed to catch the guys who were selling them-the "mules" folded their operation as soon as word started to spread-and therefore there was no route to anyone who was behind the scam. I certainly wasn't about to accuse anyone publicly without evidence to support it but, yes, I'm pretty sure I knew who did it.

Margaret Liss' has a great page on her site with several examples:

And finally a REALLY BIG image of the two side by side from Heritage Auctions:
I shrunk it down, because the image doesn't really show the difference. So, this is more to show that CGC KNOWS about the counterfeits, and slabs them accordingly.
 Speaking of CGC, back here, I said:
One of the BIGGEST problems, with the whole "counterfeit" issue, is that we don't know EXACTLY how many copies of Cerebus #1 there are. There WERE 2000 copies of the real Cerebus #1. (If I'm remembering right.) Now there has to be an attrition rate of copies that were bought and thrown away/read to pieces/lost in "misadventure". So that means there's <2000 copies that are real.

And, as far as I know, no one really knows how many copies of the counterfeits there are.

It would be really awesome if somebody (not me), set up a census of Cerebus #1s.
Well over on the CGC website, they have a census of everything they've slabbed. Including Cerebus #1:
So that's 219 real copies.

And 58 no-good-dirty-rotten-"worthless" fakes.
And finally, David sent in:
I'm pretty sure this one is fake...

"The warrior aardvark of legend returns in an all-new series that catapults Cerebus into a dark, dystopian future to face the most terrifying enemy he has ever known: The Voids. A parasitic race of creatures driven only by base emotions of fear and hunger, the Voids have infiltrated the city at nearly every level, binding men of power and influence to their vampiric will. Can Cerebus stop the Voids before they consume every man in Iestopolis with their unspeakable hunger, or will they continue their rampage unopposed until the very last Male Light goes out?"
 Alright, everybody say "Thanks David!"

Next Time: Dave on "The Genesis Question" part the next...

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