Monday, 9 July 2018

The Ol' AMOC Mailbag: Sean Robinson Edition (part 5)

Hi, Everybody!

Say it with me: "Everybody's-friend-Sean-Michael-Robinson-sent-in-a-load-of-links-to-the-ol'"

This time it's:
Osho News quotes Dave-

Saved ya a click.
It's a quote from...I dunno.

Hey man! I didn't get hired because I knew my shit, I got hired because I was the first guy to apply. If you don't like it, go start your own damn Cerebus blog!

Next Time: More stuff to buy, probably.

1 comment:

Travis Pelkie said...

I thought I just saw this one here a few days ago, but it might be one of those Dave quotes that just stick in my memory.