Monday, 20 August 2018


Hi, Everybody!

I was gonna post nothing today to play off yesterday's "Salman Rushdie" bit, but then I made some comments on some posts, and the last time I missed a couple posts 'cause I was on vacation, Seiler sent like five e-mails to see if I was dead.


Friend to the Blog and Usual Suspect, Steve Peters is doing a Kickstarter to restore his Rabbit Hell Digest books, (which celebrated it's 27th anniversary on August 17th.) The first one was issues 1 and 2. Now he's doing 3 and 4.

Yeah, yeah your friend is doing crap. Dave Sim/Cerebus or GTFO!!!

Wow, you guys are getting rude...

Anyway, Steve and Dave go way back (see Saturday's post.)

To Wit:
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 Here's the relevant bit:

So, I'm declaring this: STEVE PETERS WEEK!

Every post is gonna feature Steve (yes, yes and Dave/Gerhard/Cerebus).

Even Ben's on Wednesday, and Margaret's on Thursday. And (if he's willing,) Dave on Friday. And Sunday will have Steve's interview with Dave about religion from a panel at S.P.A.C.E.

It's gonna be Peters-tastic!

(You too could have a special week of AMOC if you're friendly. (I'm looking at you Misters Moore and Miller...)

Next Time: STEVE PETERS! DAVE SIM! And the FIRST thing Dave began drawing AFTER Cerebus #300(!) (Wow. Wow. You're gonna wanna bookmark THIS one kids!!!)

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Steve Peters said...

Still in print and available from me:

This jam was from the Spirits of Independence stop in Montreal. Rick Veitch and James Kochalka are on the following page. I'll always remember that show as the one that I sat with Dave, Scott Roberts, and Rick Veitch at a table at the bar the night before, and Dave told me the industry was imploding and I should probably consider another line of work!

If only I'd listened...