Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Eightball Scan Brigade Assemble!

Sean Michael Robinson:

Hey folks! Remember me??!

I'm interrupting this regularly scheduled sometime-appearing A Moment of Cerebus to see if anyone out there has access to—

a. a flatbed scanner
b. a copy of Eightball #8!

Somewhere in that issue is a panel of the infamous Dan Pussey wearing a Cerebus button. Can anyone reading this who has access to the issue in question please scan it and send it to cerebusarthunt@gmail.com? I have need of it for...things :)

A color scan at 600 ppi would be ideal, if possible!

All the best to you Cerebus readers out there.


Paul Slade said...

Sean - I've just sent it over.

Sean R said...

Thanks so much Paul! Really appreciate you taking the time :)