Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Original Sim

Hi, Everybody!

Friend to the Blog, and Superman's Frenemy, David Birdsong, sent in the following (which has run piecemeal in the past, but none of you would have realized that...) Click on Dave's stuff to make it nice and big...

This isn't by Dave, it's by Pat Broderick. But I thought you should see the cover in case you're gonna go back issue bin-diving looking for it.

So, the story I was looking for yesterday was the story of how this came about.

Can't find it.

So excuse the "Alan Moore From Hell commentary" here (ya know, Alan's "it's from this book, but I can't remember where, and I'm to lazy to go look it up.") .

I thought it was from the Blog & Mail, but I couldn't find it, so it might be from one of the Yahoo group Q&As.

Anyway, as I recall, these came about because Deni left Dave, and Dave needed money to buy out her half of Aardvark-Vanaheim. So he called Jim Shooter, who got him the Fanfare gig. 

Next Time: Hobbs. And Jingles. Sitting in a tree?


Tony Dunlop said...

Shit, I used to own this. Probably sold it to make rent back in the lean years.

Paul Slade said...

I will now make my annual memorial joke about that Iron Man pin-up.

"Hey, Tony - why the long face?"

Jeff said...

Some of Dave's best Neal Adams, Gene Colan, and Gene Day pastiches (or, homages). One of the best ever artists at recreating other artist's styles.

Tony again said...

Cylops is a Don Simpson riff, isn't it?

Steve said...

A monotone film sheet for the Cyclops page recently sold on eBay