Monday, 5 November 2018

The Vark Wars: A look at the process

Hi, Everybody!

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So, when we started doing "The Vark Wars", I wrote a two strip sequence that I thought we'd take an in depth look at today.

First, the first part:
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And then, the second part:

Here's the script:
Panel 1: The philosophers: Text different Philosopher than the one who agreed to the gig: "WE'LL TAKE IT"? ARE YOU NUTS? YOU OWE FIFTY-EIGHT GRAND IN STUDENT LOANS! Text philosopher who took the gig: I DIDN'T SEE YOU GUYS RUSHING TO STAND UP TO HIM! Yet a different philosopher to any who have spoken: YOU GUYS ARE FORGETTING THE IMPORTANT PART.
panel 2: Text philosopher who took the gig: WHAT'S THAT? Text different philosopher: WE'RE GONNA BE IN STAR WARS!!!
Panel 3: no text
Panel 4: Various word balloons: I'M POSTING IT ON FACEBOOK! I'M TWEETING! I'M E-MAILING AIN'T IT COOL NEWS! I'M CALLING MY GRANDMA! I'M MESSAGING TMZ! I'M ALERTING NERDIST! and various PINGs and DINGs and other electronic-y sound effects
After-gag: "This A Capella group is #ACAmazing!" - @RealMarkHamill on the twitter
Which Everybody's Friend (and Superman's Frenemy): David Birdsong turned into this:

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Well, then your friend and mine, Sean Robinson suggested the "Star Wars on Ice" idea, so I thought:
Also, do we want to add Batvark's head popping up in the panel where the philosopher says "Star Wars" saying real small, "on ice."?

Just a thought.
And Mr. Birdsong struck again:
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 To which Mr. Robinson said:

That tiny Batvark kills me.
Well, after MUCH discussion, we decided that "Star Wars on Ice" (link courtesy Ben Hobbs,) would get Dave (and us) sued. So the tiny Batvark had to go, OR:
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Which Mr. Birdsong explained thusly:
In strip 13 one of the Philosophers says, "WE'RE GONNA BE IN STAR WARS!!" and Batvark eases in and says, "on ice."  Since the whole ON ICE thing is over I now have him easing in and saying "vark wars" quietly.  He makes the correction to legally cover his hinder, but not too loudly.
Okay, that's WAY too much about one gag in one panel of one strip. Remember, if you wanna get in on this, all submissions/suggestions/comments to

Next Time: The Vark Wars: the Submissions round one! 


Jeremy Pivot said...

This sucks, guys. Is this what it's come to?

Tony Dunlop said...

They're just having fun. Don't be such a killjoy.