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TL:DR: The Genesis Question part twenty-six

Hi, Everybody!

23 Ramadan 1235 AH Hi Troy & Mia; David & Marie! Attached article is from the NATIONAL POST 14 June of this year. I'm not sure that I'm convinced that it's any more than a theory, but even if it's only partly true, I think it could help explain a lot of things in terms of "The Secret Origin of YHWH".
 I'll leave you to digest it and send you my commentary on it next week. Best,

Dave didn't send ME the article, so I have no idea what he's talking about.
30 Ramadan 1235 AH

Hi Troy & Mia; David & Marie:


As you're aware from reading my own theories, I tend to see things in terms of enactments. Of God's plan and of His adversary's many plans.   

In this particular Great Impactor theory, I note the similarity to particle physics.  They just spent years and millions -- if not billions -- of dollars building a large particle accelerator in Switzerland for the express purpose of creating this exact scenario (albeit on a microcosmic scale):  causing particles to collide at high speeds.  I'm fuzzy on the science, but the intention (if I recall correctly) was to discover the Higgs Boson (sp?) or "God particle".  A -- to then -- theoretical particle which would help explain why there is more matter in the universe than can be accounted for by the Big Bang and by conjoining to the Big Bang conventional physics. 

Which, evidently, they did. 

Particles impacting at high speeds threw off a "God particle" that  didn't -- and doesn't -- exist until the time of impact.

It brings, to me, a whole new dimension to the idea of our solar system being an enactment:  answering (potentially & partially) the "why" question:  we have a rough idea of HOW the solar system came into existence and WHEN but we haven't a good idea of WHY it did.  It appears to me -- if this Great Impactor theory is true -- that that's what the intelligence behind the creation of our sun was doing.  Constructing a very large particle accelerator by creating an enormous centrifugal/centripetal hot gases giant which would then create its own smaller scale particle accelerators out of its leftover debris. 

I don't think that intelligence is God. 

I think God participated in the Big Bang and I think God created the Big Bang with the willing participation of His adversary (or adversaries) which went off perfectly and without a hitch. A perfect outward expansion of all that existed at and to that point in space and time.  It seems to me to have been an instance of God's acquiescence in and to alternative theories of the nature of existence apart from His own (His own, which, of course, aren't theories, but Reality).  Undeserved kindness on God's part to allow dissenting creations to prove to themselves that God's Reality is the only Reality through a nearly infinite number of enactments of those creations' dissenting theories.

I think our sun and the Great Impactor Theory of the earth's creation are examples of the intelligences that God created and hurled outward from the Big Bang attempting to duplicate the Big Bang ( a means on the part of God's adversary or adversaries of attempting to prove that one  or some of those creations is God or a God equivalent). 

They have the theory behind the Big Bang, the basic building blocks for one, and each of them attempts to re-enact it. 

I'm going to use different nomenclature than the article did:  YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 instead of Theia and earth.  Because I think what we are looking at (potentially) is the core argument which the universe was created to answer:  male and female are the same. Prove. And we're so used to thinking of the earth as a planet that calling the planets Theia and Earth prejudice the argument in favour of the earth. Or skew our perceptions along those lines.

To elaborate:

We already know that most stars are binary stars.  "Bachelor" stars like our own sun are the exception that proves the rule.  My own best assessment is that our sun, as the result of a scientific experiment comparable to the Big Bang constitutes -- for (for want of a more accurate term) YHWHists a kind of "proof" of the YHWHist theories in that sense: instead of two, there is one.  Ergo (to a YHWHist) male and female are the same. 

But, I think that's naive.

The sun is composed of hydrogen and helium, one tucked inside the other but both very different and distinct:  0 and 1.  The sun isn't composed of 100% of hydrogeium or helogen. So our "bachelor" star is an enactment: yes. If you get those seminal centrifugal and centripetal balances closely enough balanced to each other, you can keep a binary star from forming and make it into a "bachelor" star.  But it's not a 0 star or a 1 star, it's a 0/1 star.  I think that's God's argument.  Fusion does not create a unity, it creates two fused things.  God and His adversary fused would not make the adversary God and would not make God His adversary. 

If the Great Impactor theory is true, I see this as a smaller scale enactment.  The dissenting intelligence within our sun, having accomplished the enactment of an (illusory) great unity by "fusing" hydrogen and helium together in one place, now endeavours to create comparable fusion within the debris orbiting it (I suspect because that at least LOOKS as if it's the way the Big Bang was accomplished). 

And, you know, "pretty close".  The intention (seems obvious to me) was to have YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 impact directly and fuse.  They didn't impact directly, but they impacted "close enough to directly" in order to create a 0/1 enactment. 

Ultimately, us.  Human beings.  Intelligences that are either YHWH 0-based -- men -- or YHWH 1-based -- women.

(This is one of the reasons that I chose YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 as the name of the planets:  to avoid #1 and #2 labels against which women, generally, rebel, not wanting to the be the #2 gender.  By using a 0 and 1, you have to trade on those perceptions. If you want to be the first in the sequence you want to be 0, an absence.  If you want to be "number one" you have to be the second in the sequence)  

 Quite literally, in a sense, Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus. We originate from the two different planets involved in the Great Impactor Theory.

Even our physical forms seems to me an enactment about which the Great Impactor theory (potentially) explains a great deal.  The masculine planet -- YHWH 0 -- is the invasive, phallic planet and the feminine planet -- YHWH 1 -- is the receptor, vaginal planet.

The Great Impactor Event was close enough to a "bullseye", as I see it, that it led to our own incarnation out of the merged "earths":  50-50.  Half of all human beings born are male and half are female -- either phallic incarnations or vaginal incarnations.

But that also seems to me to be only part of the enactment that our physical forms represent and incarnate.  

As I read it, our physical forms document, in perpetuity, the nature of the reality of our genesis as a kind of three-dimensional model/snapshot of how that genesis came about.  We start -- as the Great Impactor Event started -- "from the top":


The "ideal" (as presented) is the human brain: left brain and right brain, fused and communicating with each other.  Merged Permanence of the masculine and the feminine into a single unity. 

It was a good deal more complicated than that, of course. In the same way that you can see the sun as a dualistic model of cooperation between hydrogen -- the masculine -- and helium -- the feminine.  At a certain level it is, but at another more obvious level the sun is an immense roiling conflagration with its component elements hurling each other to and fro over nearly imaginable distances and with extreme violence.  It depends on whether you have a dog in that fight -- which it seems to me God's adversary very much does -- as to whether or not you're going to see that roiling violence as "cooperation". 

The convolutions which make up the surface and texture of the brain, I suspect, are an attempt to minimize that conflagration aspect.  It's still roiling and hurling but in a fixed way:  prescribed paths for our neurons to follow.   Masculine paths and feminine paths.   


Which brings us to our eyes, which I see as the the first part of the enactment that our physical forms represent as you move "south" from The Brain As Model.

Our eyes are YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 on approach to each other with impact imminent.  There is concurrence here.  Both men and women have two eyes each. We agree that this is how it began.

Of course, ours eyes are looking the wrong way -- not at each other.  Mostly (I suspect) because the idea of impacting with another body at 5 km per second is very different from the sugar-coated version with which (I suspect) the model was conceived:  one "planet/eye" would merge painlessly with an analogue "planet-eye" (The Brain Model) and fuse with some…convolutions.  Better not to look directly at what you're actually about to do.

So, in a sense our eyes' inability to see each other constitutes an indictment -- carved in stone -- of the enactment, itself,  per se.  The sentience behind the Great Impactor Event was, literally, "looking the other way" in order to avoid seeing the Great Impactor Event for what it was:  inherently violent and destructive.  Again, I don't think this sentience was God. 

Of course impact and momentum, violence and destruction aren't sufficient to "fuse" the two planets.  For that you need something that will stick.

Nothing "sticks" like a vacuum. 


Simultaneous with the imminent impact -- on the same level moving "south" from the Brain Model -- we have the "whorl" of our ears, leading to our ear canals.  Absences.  Voids.  The vacuum/voids are necessary to achieve the Brain Model fusion at the point of impact between YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 and -- viewing our physical human forms as models/snapshots of the Great Impactor Event -- it becomes apparent that a quite extensive network of vacuum/voids were needed to effect that fusion.

Our eyes rest inside an intricate "bed" of vacuum/voids made up of our ear canals, nostrils and sinus cavities.  All inclining in the direction of the point of impact, between the two eyes.

There is also a need for lubrication, represented by our tear ducts at the imminent point of metaphorical impact.


Our mouths and tongues are snapshot/models of the experience of impact and fusion.  Again, we still have consensus at this point on both the masculine YHWH 0 and feminine YHWH 1 sides.  This is what impact was like.  This is what Happened. 

YHWH 0 becomes the "tongue planet" -- no longer spheroid, the impact upon and within (simultaneously!) YHWH 1 causes YHWHW 0 to distort. The point of impact compresses it while the forward momentum of impact at 5 k per second causes it to stretch into an oblong/tongue-like shape by the impact and resistance of YHWH 1.
Basically YHWH 0 falls apart but its core keeps going. 

YHWH 1 becomes the "mouth planet" -- most of its mass and substance on the impact side dislocated or vaporized or crushed into it and inside of it.  And a substantial portion of it hurled outward as debris that will eventually become the moon. 

But a distinction, I think, needs to be made between the Overall Scenario -- two spherical bodies impacting violently and destructively at a high rate of speed -- and the (literally!) Core Scenario: the experience of the molten cores of YHWH 0 and YWHW 1 still "on track" for a state of brain-like fusion.  

As we can see in the snapshot/model of the Great Impactor Theory in the human body, in the latter scenario, there was no shortage of lubrication the closer you came to the molten cores.  The tongue moves easily within the mouth and, in fact, is the only "communicative" organ in both the male and female body.  The two "alien" tongues are able to communicate with each other and physically touch.  Which seems to me a key element of the enactment.  This is how close YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 came to genuine fusion.


We still have consensus at this point:  both men and women have throats.  And, in fact, viewing the human body as snapshot/model of The Great Impactor Event incarnated, the throat -- the narrowest point when "moving south" from the brain -- constitutes the closest thing to genuine fusion in the human body construct.  It is a great unity, everything all in one place.  Only there isn't much "there, there".  The tongue is largely absent and the mouth has distended itself from being a mere cavity to being a lengthy tunnel.  A conduit.  But for what?  In the human body itself, a very important, nutritive conduit.  Oxygen which we need to live flows through the passage to the lungs and back out again.  Food which we need to live moves through the passage to the stomach.  But oxygen and food are external to the (to this point, anyway) self-contained fusion model.

If you want to examine the story in strict chronological order, it's worth pointing out that when begin life as our alimentary canal and it's two openings.  We literally begin as a mouth and an anus with a tube connecting them.

This, it seems to me, is where things get complicated. 

As can be seen by the sudden expansion of the "empty fusion" of the throat into a much wider snapshot/model encompassing the upper arms and upper chest. 


The arms, it seems to me, suggest a dual element of "de-fusion" (or, perhaps, CONfusion) -- again, a consensus on both the masculine and feminine side.  To the extent that fusion was achieved with the mouth and tongue, now "de-fusion" is taking place as the arms branch out to the left and to the right.  This is where the tongue went, (in a manner of speaking) as the "mouth tongue" combination in the human body snapshot/model became the "mouth-like/ no tongue analogue" of the throat.


This is really the first major distinction between masculine and feminine as we move south from the Brain Model of fusion.  Women retain the ideal of two fused spheroids (or, at least, adjacent spheroids) -- the original "eye model" of YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 -- whereas men have no analogue feature.  The only "compromise" is that both genders have nipples. 

I would argue that the absence of a masculine analogue to the female breasts is because -- at this point in the Great Impactor Event model -- the masculine side had already expired or was aware of the imminence of its own expiration.  There wasn't going to be enough left of YHWH 0 to fuse to YHWH 1 to make for two spheroids, fused or adjacent.  Two nipples might be the best that could be achieved.

There is enough left of YHWH 1 -- however hollowed out and rent asunder and inwardly compressed at this point -- to sensibly see fusion as still a possibility. And to strongly suggest it.

This, it seems to me, is where the construct gets complicated again, with the visualization of what form fusion might take:  the lungs and the heart. 


Again, this is consensus material.  Both men and women have lungs.  The fact that the lungs are so much larger than their previous analogues in the snapshot/model of our human bodies -- the sinus cavities, ear canals, nostrils, mouth and throat -- suggests to me that this is where there came acknowledgement that size was going to be an issue.  How much of YHWH 0 was going to be left for YHWH 1 to fuse with? 

They were both experiencing comparable lung-like "absences" -- YHWH 0, all of the material of his composition which had been vaporized or blown away by the impact and "sheer" and YHWH 1, by all of the material of her composition which had been thrown into space, vaporized or crushed within her. Their "absences" were still of a comparable size while their "presences" -- YHWH 0's substance and YHWH 1's substance -- now skewed dramatically toward the latter.


The heart's size relative to the size of the lungs suggests the answer to "how much will be left to fuse?": i.e. "not much".  The heart is also a different argument.  It's composed of four chambers.  It isn't the brain model -- two fused, equal and adjacent structures.  It leans toward the left, toward the female side.  It constitutes absorption rather than fusion.  YHWH 1 is volunteering to absorb what is left of YHWH 0 into her own context. 


Whether ill-advised or not, the argument proves persuasive as demonstrated by the sharp turn of the elbow.  The arms in the human body model/snapshot -- which have been outward bound away from mergence and fusion now make a sharp right angled turn back towards mergence.

But, let's "rewind tape" and go back  to the "mouths and tongues" stage: because we're missing an element:  teeth.


Teeth are interesting because they don't exist in the earliest stages of the model-snapshot of the human body. 

We aren't born with teeth,  teeth grow later. 

And teeth add an element of threat to the construct of the model/snapshot of the human body- as-enactment.  Essentially a threat towards "the other".  It's a hidden intention that if fusion doesn't take place, teeth can be useful in…acquiring…some element of "the other". 

And this appears to have been a hidden intention both on the masculine AND feminine side.  An "afterthought" in the experience of "tongue on tongue":  that fusion might not be possible -- "the other" is tantalizingly just out of reach.  You can touch your tongues together but one tongue can't wrestle the other tongue into submission and captivity.  With the advent of teeth, however, it becomes possible to (if you'll pardon the expression) "tear off a piece". 


The rib cage becomes interesting in that sense as "outgrown teeth" in a manner of speaking -- a sheltering -- but still imprisoning -- model which houses the lungs and heart.  More a form of captivity on the part of YHWH 1, the feminine construct, than fusion.  "Devouring" by another means: absorption.

Which brings us back to the "God particle".


As human beings, we're just at the earliest stages of our experiences with The God Particle.  It began very recently (in the last century) as a much-discredited and vilified theory -- a means of explaining the greater presence of matter in the universe -- and even more recently (just in the last year or so) was verified as an actuality.  There is such a thing.  So, for the moment, we're satisfied with that:  we invested hundreds of millions of dollars building a machine which could cause the…let's call it Little Impactor Event…it fused particles and the particles threw off a God particle just as the theory suggested. 

The point we haven't arrived at -- but I assume we will shortly -- is wanting to CAPTURE the God particle. 

And I think that's what we see in our model/snapshot human bodies:  that this is what planet earth is "all about".  This was the idea behind "teeth" and the idea behind the "rib cage" and the idea behind "the heart".  Building a cage to capture what (I'm guessing) is God's incarnation in the context of the earth.  This was what YHWH 0 was facing as he decomposed into his constituent elements and knew that he was expiring.  YHWH 0 contained the masculine -- God is always masculine -- God particle.  The choice was clear:  allow the God particle to expire or allow it to be captured by YHWH 1 and fused within  rather than to YHWH 1.

Perhaps "captured" is a better way of putting it.  You can't actually capture God or an incarnation of God unless God permits it.

Presumably it isn't a unique circumstance here in our universe.  Presumably, whether at the cosmological, interstellar, solar or planetary levels, that's what we're looking at:  various forms of fission, fusion, capture and "capture". 

I think all of them are…relatively…fine by God.  He just wants there to be a complete record of what happened, which is why life -- as it hatches out from the seminal Event wherever that seminal Event occurs -- hatches out as a model-snapshot.  This is what -- here in this context -- sentient masculinity and sentient femininity chose to be and do.  One look at men and women and you can see exactly what the theory was behind their incarnation and, so, be able judge the context which incarnated them. 


Again, hands are a consensus incarnation.  Men and women both have hands.  Instead of a right-angled shift in direction (like the lower arm at the elbow) back towards consensus fusion, hands are quasi-orbital.  They don't rotate 360 degrees but they do rotate at the wrist a substantial part of a full circle. 

Most significantly, they don't reattach themselves to the human corpus. 

They are an "expiration" model.  What would have happened if YHWH 0, before expiration, had chosen not to make one last valiant effort back towards fusion?  The four chambers of the heart would have become mere fingers and then expired. And the God particle, following the opposing trajectory of the thumb, would have expired as well.  That would have happened both on the masculine (thumb) and feminine (fingers) side.

This isn't, I don't think, something unexpected on God's part.  God knew the various permutations that His creations, in attempting to imitate Him and supplant Him, would incarnate.  Arguably, that was His intention:  to allow for as many different forms of imitation and would-be supplanting as possible. 


Having followed our snapshot/model all the way through, it's now easy to see the form of the final incarnation, the point at which the last vestiges of the desired masculine/feminine fusion are enacted:  the sperm as it approaches and then penetrates the egg.  They are now very far from a comparable size, but fusion does take place.  And the result is a new human life:  either modelled on YHWH 0 or modelled on YHWH 1. 

I say "capture" as opposed to capture, because the God particle stays on the masculine side of the fence.

Even when its within the uterus -- an ear canal/nostril/mouth/throat/lung/stomach analogue -- it's still what it is.  It's still a masculine incarnation that is only generated within men. As it says in Genesis 1: 11 of the fruit tree: "yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed in itself".  

I heard it expressed some years ago that men "expire" against women at the end of the sex act and I think that mirrors the enactment of the creation of our planet from the remains of YHWH 0 and YHWH 1.  Just as the masculine testicles reflect the collapse of both -- the expiration of the promise held by the fused/adjacent female breasts.  But the (no other word for it) heroic perseverance which allowed YHWH 0 in his death throes to extend and distend himself/itself and to plant the God particle within YHWH 1 is also reflected and memorialized on the masculine side of sentient human life -- presumably for all time on our planet until Judgement Day.

It seems to me a reasonable supposition that if the sperm penetrates to the core of the egg, the result will be masculine, another sperm-generator. If it doesn't penetrate to the core of the egg, the result will be feminine. Another egg generator.

This, I think, is why A Dam and Chauah, having eaten the forbidden fruit of the tree of the "knowledge of good and evil" saw that they were naked -- naked in the larger sense as well as the literal sense.  Naked in the sense of something shameful that can't be hidden. Once a thing is seen, it can't be unseen. 

They saw their genitalia and recognized the  "genesis narrative" that their genitalia represented.  In fact, I would guess, their higher sentient natures -- their fused left and right brains -- recognized the entire metaphorical construct -- and indictment -- that their physical forms documented.  It's hard to escape the self-awareness that anything that violent and destructive was -- and is -- intrinsically a bad idea.  Whatever…ideation…there was that planetary fusion would achieve…something…it's hard to see how the game was worth the candle.  

This is who we are. 

These are the choices that we made. 

These are the choices that we -- and our descendants -- will have to inhabit for all time in this world.   

 It's not a particular HAPPY story, but it seems to me to be, irrefutably, a chosen story.  Our seminal antecedents who brought YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 into existence and then set them on a collision course, knew, I think, what they were doing. Which makes it, at a point of greatest reduction, at least an INTERESTING story.  The story of the fusion of YHWH 0 and YHWH 1.  Which will reiterate itself in trillions of different forms over the life of the earth.  Probably without settling anything. 

Is the God particle God? 

I'm inclined to think that the God particle is a manifestation of the Father, the creation of God -- the procreative functionary by which procreation was made possible: that the God particle is the light that John refers to in the first chapter of his Gospel "that lighteth every man that commeth into the world". 

Also exemplified by the miracle of the loaves and fishes in the Synoptic and Johannine accounts: that is, largely inexhaustible.  The more procreation the God particle manifests, the more inexhaustible it is in that procreation.  "Be fruitful and multiply.".  As I would infer, sent by God into the furthest reaches of the known universe by His Big Bang and omnipresent wherever there is life and where that life exists, life being given the option of choosing God or choosing the many permutations of Not God made available by His adversary's many enactments. 

I think the God particle expresses God in the sense that, once confined within the context of the "fused" YHWH 0 and YHWH 1 -- which begin to "hatch out" microcosmic incarnations of themselves, male and female -- the God particle will and DID eventually incarnate Judaism, Christianity and Islam,  Abraham, Moshe, Jesus, Muhammad, etc.

I think this is what we read in Scripture.  It's certainly what I read in Scripture: the voice of God's creation, YHWH, endeavouring to BE God and not doing a particularly good job of it (by my reading) but very much with God's permission.  It's a kind of fusion incarnation as I read it:  God and Not God in dialogue.  

God is not the God particle itself, but God will always express Himself through incarnations made possible by the God particle.

In terms of physical incarnation, it seems to me that YHWH 0 and YHWH 1, constitute a sum greater than their constituent parts.  They become procreative which is (possibly?) exceptional (possibly?) unusual (possibly?) nearly unique in the universe where all that seems to happen, generally, is that energy hurled outward by centrifugal and centripetal force across vast interstellar distances becomes subject to entropy and burns itself out in the empty patch of void into which it arrived. 

Of course, I'd also guess that there's more there than meets the eye.  I assume that, say, Jupiter is a large philosophical argument along the same lines as the sun but between different-natured elements than the argument between helium and hydrogen.  That Jupiter has -- and IS -- his/her/its own YHWH analogue, arguing that he/she/it is God, just as our YHWH argues that he/she/it is God.                 

This would certainly explain our current politicized gender arguments: men overall tend to believe that men are men and women are women.  Women overall tend to believe that men and women are the same:  and that homosexuals, transgendered people, lesbians, etc. etc. represent a centrality to the full spectrum of human nature on which spectrum masculine and feminine qualities are either "outliers" or cultural indoctrinations. He/she/it as societal norm.  Certainly that "philosophy" doesn't take hold in a society until feminism has become firmly rooted -- and then becomes central to most societal debates.  Or, perhaps, "debate" is a better way of expressing it.  Once women achieve co-equal status politically, they tend to brook no denial of what they see as the critical importance of the full spectrum of sexual preferences as being co-equal and of co-equivalent validity.  We'll see how that eventually "shakes out" if we all live long enough. 

That, too, might be just another expression of the God particle and the feminine delusion that captivity represents a legitimate custodial function.  The fact that the God particle hatches out within women seems to me to no more validate "female custodianship" of life than the presence of helium and hydrogen within the sun is indicative of a merging of helium and hydrogen.  They're tucked firmly inside of each other, but they're still two separate things.

Or, put another way, no woman can impregnate another woman.  And no man can gestate a baby. 

Okay, next week back to the Book of Ezekiel.


Next Time: That time Cerebus did that thing...


Dominick Grace said...

Most amusing, but especially so when I got to "It seems to me a reasonable supposition..."

Craig Johnson said...

Dave seems to think that "The God Particle" is a description of the Higgs Boson rather than, in reality, just a cute name to explain its importance to non-scientists...

whc03grady said...

"The sun is composed of hydrogen and helium, one tucked inside the other but both very different and distinct: 0 and 1. The sun isn't composed of 100% of hydrogeium or helogen."
Not sure why Hydrogen gets 0 and Helium gets 1, though I have my suspicions. Hydrogen has a single proton and Helium has two, so in some simple sense it'd be more natural to 'assign' 1 to Hydrogen and 2 to Helium. You know, if you were being rational about it and weren't in service to your own pre-existing theory. [Aside to Jeff S.: do I need to give you citations about Hydrogen having one proton and Helium having two? Do you need my credentials for being able to state such? I'll give them to you again, as soon as I can see where you asked for and received Dave's.]

"Fusion does not create a unity, it creates two fused things. God and His adversary fused would not make the adversary God and would not make God His adversary."
The solar process converts Hydrogen into Helium, it doesn't fuse Hydrogen and Helium. It fuses separate Hydrogen atoms into single Helium atoms.

Physics 101.


Tony Dunlop said...

Dave: "I'm fuzzy on the science..."
AMOC readers: "You don't say?"

whc03grady said...

This space is too small for a complete transcript with in-line commentary, isn't it. Go to the address below for that and more! Warning: link contains some snark.


Anonymous said...

This is beyond embarrassing at this point. Whatever your connection to Cerebus and respect for its creator may be, the time has come to admit that that man is clearly gone. Nobody can seriously think this is sane. Of course, not only is Dave claiming this is rational but is, in fact, "The Unified Theory which Einstein spent his intellectual life pursuing." Think about that for a few minutes.

Thanks for the annotations, whc03grady. Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get these comments and those annotations aren't insightful or funny. Sim offers opinions and is kind enough to allow it to run here and instead of just ignoring it you guys feel a need to belittle him. You do know that acting like a dick won't make yours any bigger, right? Too bad you can't Photoshop your ugly personalities.


whc03grady said...
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whc03grady said...

I thought they were kinda funny. [looks downward and twists left foot back and forth]
Idiotic opinions deserve belittling. But apart from that, you must've missed where he gets the science almost completely wrong. Science which seems to be essential to his cosmology. If you don't want to be exposed to critical talk on Sim's opinions, lobby the blog's admin to turn the comment function off.


Tony again said...

I do have to quibble with Grady's offhand remark in the annotations that nuclear fusion is "Physics 101!" I really don't think the curriculum has changed all that much in the 35-odd years since I was a physics major; nuclear physics was definitely *not* in Physics 101 (basically Newtonian mechanics) or even 102 (electromagnetism and thermodynamics) for that matter. Nuclear had to wait for "Modern Physics" which most of us took as juniors.
How's that for pedantry?

whc03grady said...

That's the second time today I've come across the word "pedantry"...and in two totally different contexts! Comic book metaphysics.


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


They can lobby til the cows come home with blue faces, I don't think it'll help.

Also, you guys seem to miss that Dave wrote these commentaries FOUR years ago.

Who KNOWS what Dave thinks now (this, Dave thinks this now. I don't think he's changed his mind...)


whc03grady said...

lol...I know these are several years old. Is it your experience that Dave's views tend toward sanity over time?

On the subject of time, does anyone know why Dave dated this entry the Hijri equivalent of 11 July 1820?