Monday, 10 December 2018

Church & State 1 remastered... and signed by Dave?!?

Hi, Everybody!

I'm visting Santa, so let's make this short.

Your pal and mine, Sean Robinson sent out an update to the Kickstarter for the Birthday card:

Hello folks,

With only four days left, we've added an additional a la carte item limited only to US backers.

If you pledge $50 you'll receive a copy of the remastered Church + State I, signed and personalized to you by Dave Sim on a label with a gold-seal Cerebus Archive logo. This item also includes your signed and personalized b-day card. If you'd instead like this item a la carte, then please add $40 to your pledge and leave a comment containing the words "C + S I" to reserve your copy. This special "birthday card edition" will be numbered, first come first served, out of a maximum of 16 available copies.

These copies are leftovers from the stack of promotional copies sent to Living the Line headquarters in San Diego shortly after the printing of the book, and as such are in immaculate condition, having never been unboxed from the printer. Dave will be signing Cerebus Archive sealed labels, personalized to you, and mailing them to California, where they'll be affixed and shipped.

All the best,


So, there ya go...

Ooo, it's my turn to sit on a bearded stranger's lap! Gotta go!

Next Time: "Whattya mean I'm banned from the mall!?!" 


Steve said...

Is there a way to get JUST the signed Church And State?

No interest in the card, just the book.


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I believe you just pledge $40 and leave the comment.



Sean R said...

Just for you Steve!

Click on
pledge without reward, and make your pledge $40. Then leave a comment with the words C + S I to reserve the copy! The backer survey will ask you the rest of the info needed :)

Steve said...

So just made the $40 pledge, don't see where I'm to leave the comment...sorry, this isn't as intuitive as I thought it would be (or maybe I'm just slow in my advanced age...)


Steve said...

...never mind, I got it - comment left on Kickstarter

When does the backer survey show up?


Sean R said...

At campaign's end Steve! It'll arrive via email :)