Saturday, 1 December 2018

I'm at a five year old's birthday party. So short post...

Hi, Everybody!

I know I promised something about Cirin, but...Life.

Anyway, I called Dave yesterday, and left a message about the three inaccuracies in the weekly update, and he called me back.

"Please Hold For Dave Sim" is gonna be recorded on the first Thursday of the month, and will be posted on the first Saturday. So for December, it'll be the Sixth and the Eighth.

So if you got a burning question, send it to, and I'll send it up to Dave, and maybe we'll talk about it.

Also, Dave wants your women...

To talk about living with a Cerebus Fan. More on this when I'm not posting from a cellphone.

Next Time: Sunday, then Monday and a post that is better (I hope...)


Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I like Dave’s “I want your wife. Bad.” Bit. Very honest, and funny.

I used it on Facebook a couple weeks ago. About a pretty actress, I wrote “I want her, bad”. And the only response it got was “Isn’t that a bit harsh way to put it?”

I said “Yes. I’m trying that new kind of humor, where you can’t tell.”

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

The thing is that “I want you so bad,” while today seen as harrassment, when it’s expressed with a pure heart and humor is simply a compliment.

Hmm, long ago at party a new friend turned up in a very hot dress. I rushed over to her and dragged her out of the door. She squealed delightedly, so flattered.

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday, Bullwinkle!

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

So flattered by your physical assault and abduction? I suggest that other reactions might be completely reasonable responses.

-- Damian

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

We were friends, and she understood it was a joke and compliment. Edgy or risky, sure, but on the very rare occasion I’ve done anything like that, it has always worked well. (Well, that’s the only time I’ve done just that.)