Tuesday, 11 December 2018

More proof Matt's NOT insane...

Hi, Everybody!

I found more proof that my Insane Fan Theory isn't so insane:

Namely, this page from Church & State Vol. 1:

Courtesy of CerebusDownloads.com 

Which I digitally reassembled:

You're welcome...
But, in case it's still illegible for ya:
"Greetings to Cerebus, Prime Minister of Iest from Palnu and Lord Julius We cogratulate you on the occasion of your marrige to the former Sophia Henrot-Gutch and wish you long life and a fruitful union Mat Tarim bless the United Feldwar States and our beloved President Weisshaupt. for Lord Julius signed Jaka, daughter of the House of Tavers"

So, there ya go.

Next Time: Hobbs, then Liss, then Sim, then me.


Anonymous said...

In Church & State Bran Mak Mufin points out to Cerebus that everyone around them has the same handwriting as Cerebus. As readers we also know this handwriting belongs to Dave Sim. Did Dave know that far in advance what the nature of his story was or was it just a happy coincidence? I suppose what I'm asking is how do we not know this isn't Lord Julius rubbing it in? Or Dave Sim rubbing it in?

Personally I think it is Jaka making a sharp and rusty-barbed comment to let Cerebus know she knows of his newly betrothed state, but it's difficult to be sure with crafty Dave Sim at the helm.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and yes, if this was indeed a note from Jaka then the whole "no one knew where she was" point is surely false.


Tony Dunlop said...

I'm 90% sure this is Julius trying to f*** with Cerebus' mind. Jaka did not write or sign that. No way.
Time passage is notoriously hard to gauge in C&S, but we know Jaka was dancing in a tavern near the base of the Upper City a few days, weeks, or at most months later. But then again it may have been Julius who saw to that...
Matt, you're f***ing with my mind...