Friday, 14 December 2018

Punny stuff, loose ends... (Dave's Weekly Update #265)

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

The Kickstarter for the birthday card you got until 2:43 PM CST today.

Next Time: Flaming Carrot?


Steve said...

What research for this story is the equivalent of a full time job?


Eddie said...

Digging through the mountains of piles and piles and piles and piles and piles of books and newspaper articles and comic strips and comic books and other media (such as tv shows, radio clips, movies) and going through them and researching and cross referencing and looking up the various allusions made in them and what the source for those works may have been and how they fit into SDOAR.

If anyone wants someone to blame for why Dave doesn't have time to do any real pleasure reading or 'free time,' I'm the person to blame. I've been getting, on average, anywhere from 4-9 pages of notes and commentaries on SDOAR faxed to me 6/7 days per week for the last several years.

The man is a fickin' Working MACHINE.

Eddie said...

sorry meant to say "I'm the person to blame because of everything I've been sending him."

Jeff said...

I am even about .001% to blame for the longevity of this project, because, years ago (six, seven, eight?), I sent Dave a photocopy of an article I had come across. It mentioned some strange, tangential connection between, IIRC, Alex Raymond and Margaret Mitchell (GWTW). Dave had recently written something (in "glamourpuss"?) about Mitchell, while he was writing about Raymond. I thought Dave might groove on the (very) tangential connection. He responded that, while it might not make the finished cut, it was definitely "in the rotation".

I hope he will someday make it to the other side of the rabbit warren.

P.S.: Don't bother bidding on that SDOAR proof issue next month. Whatever you bid, I will outbid you. If you sneak in a robo-bid at the last second, I will hunt you down and snatch it from your grubby little hands.

Just sayin'. Have a nice day. 🤗