Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Revised 2019 Checklist

Benjamin Hobbs:

I faxed Dave the 2019 checklist and he replied with this:

So the revised checklist looks like this:

Although this arrangement splits up the FIRST EVER CIH? TWO PART EPIC!  (Tales of Sophistication and Iron Manticore)  So there may still be some rearranging to do.

Next Week: More CIH? fun!


JLH said...

I would think the $1 reprint of #0 would do better in May, timed to sometime near Free Comic Book Day. Plus, it'd be a better lead-in to promote the trade.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

I concur with JLH about the #0 reprint.

Also, thanks to whomever informed Dave that I'm an insane person when it comes to Vark Wars #1 being on the stands when the new Star Wars movie comes out.


Anonymous said...

So I could buy the single issues of CiH? for $4 per issue new - assuming I can’t find them on sale somewhere - or I can buy the book for $20 which breaks down to $5 per issue.

No thank you.

I was really hoping for a phone book of these with a few more issues per book.

Bob O.

Michael Grabowski said...

Swords of Cerebus in Hell?? None for me, thanks. I haven't kept up with the updates in months. Has Dave talked about why he thinks a trade edition is worthwhile? He has claimed that the reason he won't do a 17th volume that collects the uncollected jam stories and in-between issues is that it's tough enough keeping the main 16 books in print. Introducing a new series-that-isn't-a-story in trade form seems to run counter to that. I can't imagine a trade helping him bring in new readers to buy off the last several hundred old copies of Jaka's Story in Diamond's possession. Still, best of success with this to Dave and others involved. May it somehow open the way for YDKJ and SDOAR, as well as further remastered phone books, to arrive sooner instead of later.

Jeff said...

Astonishingly (at least, to me) I agree wholeheartedly with JLH, Bob O (Hi, Anon!), and Michael.

A "phonebook" with just four issues in it? I buy four copies of CIH? (the monthly) every month.

Dave? I know you have a lot of completists out here, but, please, don't go all DC on us.

Howzabout ... um ... let's see ... (carry the one) ... um ...

Alright, math isn't exactly my strong (or, Trump) suit, but four issues of CIH? is, roughly, 100 pages, when you include the likely commentary. So, that's about ... um ... do the math ... um ...20 cents per page. Right?

So, howzabout, say, six issues, with commentary, for $25? That works out to, per page, um ... yeah, stay with me here ... um ... aw, eff it. A better deal.