Monday, 14 January 2019

The Great 2019 AMOC Re-Read Part, the second

Hi, Everybody!

First, the bizness: Comiclink auctions.

For anyone who missed the Kickstarter for the Birthday card, there's a Indiegogo live

Thanks to your pal and mine, Sean Robinson, I have a digital copy of the remastered Volume 1. So this post uses images from that. (You can get a digital copy for $9.99, if you're so inclined.) Everybody say: "Thanks Sean!" Thanks Sean!

The GREAT a Moment of Cerebus 2019 Re-Read

No, I didn't read more of Volume one, but I have some more notes on the first year of Cerebus (remember, the first 13 issues were published bimonthly...)

So, in Issue four (page 76) Cerebus has ditched the helmet (and as we learn later, this was kind of a bad idea). But why? Could it have been because of all the times it fell off his head?
On Page one of Issue #1 even!
And he doesn't drink with it on...

That's all issue #1, in #2:
I think this one's my favorite...

He DOES put it back on in #2 

And then in #3, he pretty much just looses it because of Sophia:
Like this....
See, not when he's drinking...
and this...

and this...
and this...

and this.

And Cerebus' black vest first appears in #4 right?

Taken from Page 77
Wrong, the black vest first appears in "Passage".

Which means (jumping ahead a few phone books...) Dave F     ed up! Dave F     ed up!!!

See, in Minds, "Dave" tells Cerebus that he sold the helmet in Serrea. But he didn't have the helmet, and he DID have the black vest, on the boat TO Serrea from Tansubal.


But the opening of Issue #3 says:

DAVE F     ED UP!!! DAVE F     ED UP!!! (I CAN'T wait 'til next months Please Hold...)

Next Time: 2019's FIRST Special Friend of The Day!


Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I just bought vol 1.

Now, I bought some of High Society last year. It seems it’s only available in single issues, so I guess that means it’s not yet in remastered form, n’est pas? (Sean?)

Tony Dunlop said...

Never noticed the spinning helmet before. Good catch!

Sean R said...

The restored HS will be out on Comixology hopefully in a few months (assuming the sales of V1 are reasonable/enough to recoup costs!)

Jason Penney said...

Someone might have been working on the HS files just today. Hope V1 is selling. Saw it mentioned a few places, so, fingers crossed.