Friday, 15 February 2019

Kickstart My Heart (Dave's Weekly Update #274) AND: Cerebus Postcard from Hell? No. 1 is NOW LIVE!

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

There's a Indiegogo live if you missed the Kickstarter for the birthday card.

The remastered Volume 1, digitally for $9.99.

And would ya look at that:

Benjamin Hobbs:

Good news everybody!

The Cerebus Postcard from Hell? No. 1 is NOW LIVE on KICKSTARTER!   Click HERE to redirect there!

Help support CIH? by buying your BEAT TO HELL? postcard today!

Hey look, print your own!!!

And The Jaka's Story remaster won't get a Starcode number until the April previews is out, so at least a month.

Next Time: A Please Hold Transcript?

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Okay, I've watched this video several times, and I get a good laugh each time.

Back in the day, when I traveled a lot, I always made a point of sending Dave a postcard or two from wherever I was. Some postcards were large, with room to write a paragraph, or even two.

Some have pretty pictures on the front, but are small. That means that there's only room for a sentence or two: "Hi, Dave. Hope you're well." With, of course, one's oversized signature.

Nice shout-out, Dave! You made me laugh again. Thanks!!!

BTW, folks, when you finally go and visit the brick-and-mortar Cerebus Archive at/in the Off-White House, you can look up all of those postcards. From me and, I assume, others.

Dave seemed/seems to enjoy getting postcards (who doesn't?). I've received one or two from him, too, including one from Niagara Falls, when he was waiting to meet Neal Adams and Neal's family (see Following Cerebus).

I encourage you to send him some from your own travels (travails?).

Thanks, Dave!