Saturday, 23 February 2019

"Detail in the Shadows" I LOVE the 17th printing of Volume One!

Hi, Everybody!

Still chugging along on ma re-read, so no in depth post, but I DO wanna show just how awesome the remastered Cerebus Volume 1 is.

So I'm currently on "She Devil in the Shadows."

And I came upon the page where Cerebus finds Henrot in the basement of the pub, and just look at that detail:

Page 419
I mean, just look at all that detail.

Here's a scan of my fourth printing.
Page 407 in my fourth printing
(I admit, neither scan shows the difference like putting the books side by side.)

Also from that issue:
I wonder if Dave copied the statues from Dore's Inferno?
Basically, I'm seeing detail that probably hasn't been seen since Dave DREW the pages.

And. It. Is. AWESOME!!!

There is a Kickstarter, and there was a Kickstarter. You all know this.
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Next Time: Dave and his views on The Genesis Question


Mike Battaglia said...

The big toe from the "two left feet" is missing in both versions. You can only see the left side of the toe, the right side is missing in the ether of time or hidden under a blob of unintentional white-out.

Mike Battaglia said...

Missing from the foot on the left, that is.

Mike Battaglia said...

I think some of this improvement gets lost on a backlit monitor, because the contrast is such that there's really only two values, black and white. In the unmastered version--at least in this side-by-side comparison--you have more gradation which allows for more visual depth. I'm guessing that on the printed page the mastered version really shines.