Saturday, 9 February 2019

Please Hold For Dave Sim 2/9/2019

Hi, Everybody!

Oh look, it's the first Saturday of the month, which means on Thursday, I had to Please Hold For Dave Sim (actually literally in this case, as I expected Dave to call around 4 PM, and because his prayer times have moved back, he didn't call until almost 5 PM. We talked for 57-ish minutes. I broke that up into four videos.

In part one, Dave talks about T. Casey Brennan's idea for Dandy action figures. (I'm sorry, but my three year old comes in just after the eleven minute mark crying for no rational reason, but she exits at 12:30ish, but I don't think it affects Dave's audio too horribly.)

Here's the link to the Aardvark "action figure" I found.
From T. Casey Brennan himself. Art Sim, Words Brennan

In part two, Dave discusses Gail Simone and the Remastered Volume one.

And in part three, Dave answers the question, "So how is The Strange Death of Alex Raymond coming along?"

And in the last part, Dave talks about Stan Drake photo reference, AMOC Special Friend of The Day: Jesse Lee Herndon, "Dave" in Minds, Grant Morrison in Animal Man, Duck Amuck, and misprinted Cerebus volumes.

Here's the photos, from glamourpuss:
From page five of glamourpuss #10
UPDATED: Eddie Khanna send in:
Scans of Stan Drake's original artwork for the Feb 9 1961 HOJJ strip, and how it appeared in the papers of the time, based on the photos  in the Drake papers at Syracuse


Okay, and now the business:
There's a Indiegogo live if you missed the Kickstarter for the birthday card.

The remastered Volume 1, digitally for $9.99.

No word on the postcard Kickstarter, or a Star code for the remastered Jaka's Story, but I'll add 'em to the list when I get 'em!

Next Time: The next round of Genesis Question posts starts


JLH said...

Looks like I've got more typing to do!

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Yes, please!


Glen said...

I think my hearing is going.

Did Dave say "......I thought we start with P.K. Subban" at the beginning of the video?

I didn't know Dave was a Nashville Predators fan.


Jeff said...

I am really, really keen on "Cerebus", but I am really, really *more* keen on Dave Sim.

This making-of "documentary" was both fascinating and incredibly boring. One thing that I have learned over the years is that Dave is *really* good at filling in the spaces, stretching out the time.

Great interview, Matt.