Friday, 8 February 2019

Postcard From Hell (Dave's Weekly Update #272), Also: Jaka's Story Remastered-- on the way to a Previews catalog near you!

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

There's a Indiegogo live if you missed the Kickstarter for the birthday card.

The remastered Volume 1, digitally for $9.99.

Your pal and mine, Sean Michael Robinson hasn't gotten the Kickstarter up yet, but that's only cause he's busy with this:
Jaka's Story Remastered-- on the way to a Previews catalog near you!
Sean Michael Robinson:

Helloooo AMOCers! Long time no type.

This is just a quick note, followed by a quick plea for help!

At long last, the supply log jam at Diamond has broken, and we will finally (finally!) be soliciting for a new fully-remastered printing of... dah dah daaaah.... Jaka's Story!

The book is scheduled to appear in the "April 2019" Previews, with a on-sale date towards the end of June 2019 (hopefully the same day as that month's Cerebus in Hell? issue). 

Dave has agreed to sign and number EVERY copy from the initial Diamond order, so if you'd like a signed copy, you'll need to order early through your local retailer. (Menachem Luchins of Escape Pod Comics will also be happy to take mail-orders if you don't have a local comic store) The following month non-signed copies from the same printing (but with a different ISBN) will also be available.

Unless you've seen some of the Jaka's Story original art in person, it's hard to describe how different this book is going to look from earlier printings. Rest assured I'll be dropping in periodically here to share portions of the essay, samples of the art, and to crowd-source last minute proofreading and bookplate design ideas. 

But speaking of essays... I now reach the pleading section of this little post.

Does anyone out there in Cerebus Reader Land have a copy of the Wizard magazine article/profile/whatever-it-was with Gerhard which reproduced copies of his Jaka's Story interior designs? Gerhard has shared scans of his penciled tracing paper drawings with me — designs for the interiors of the grocery, Jaka and Rick's apartment, and Oscar's apartment — but I don't have any scans of the finished pen and ink drawings of those same views, and other architectural elevations he did for the project.

I'm about 70 percent sure these appeared in WIZARD... but it's also possible it was in another profile somewhere.

So! Do you a. have these? and b. have access to a desktop scanner?

If so please do let me know in the comments! I'll be looking for either 600 ppi or 1200 ppi COLOR scans of the pages in question from anyone who might be able to oblige. And if you're in the US, I'll send you some nifty gifts in return! (If you're not in the US, I'll... hm. I'll think of something!)

Thanks to all for reading!

Alright, checking The Source, it looks like we're looking for issue #35, or #62 (if it's truly from Wizard...)

We were. Tom Palmer Jr. wins!
I bet I had this issue in the stack I threw away twelve years ago...

Next Time:
Image by Superman's Frenemy: David Birdsong


Tom Palmer Jr. said...

A. Yes B. Yes
Where do you want 'em?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Mr. Palmer Jr sir,

If you got scans, you can send 'em to, and I'll get'em to Sean. If you have physical copies you wanna part with, send a message to, and I'll get you Sean's address.

Matt Dow
In-Tarim Editman
Momento de Zerebuz

Eddie said...

They were also in the FEATURE magazine on CEREBUS’S 20th anniversary. Not sure if one has more material than the other when it comes to what Sean’s looking for.

Cerebus Art Hunt said...

Wow, thanks for the blinding speed, Tom! It was great to hear from you, and thank you so much for taking the time!

Hey Eddie-- FEATURE! That's why I was confused--I was conflating the two. I would love to have scans of the FEATURE ah, Feature. Do you have a copy? or does someone else out there have one? (If I am not mistaken, Margaret sent me some web-res scans of the images for that waaay back in 2010 for my Gerhard interview...)

Eddie said...

Hey Sean! I’ll scan it this weekend and send it to you.

Michael Grabowski said...

Great news about Jaka's Story! If I'm not mistaken, that would bring the count up to 8 of the 16 volumes having been published in remastered form, 1/2-way up Everest again. Here's hoping the rest can appear in the new few-to-five years.

Michael Grabowski said...

D'oh! Only 7, but close.

Travis Pelkie said...

Tom Palmer Jr's columns in Wizard about indie comics were one of the highlights of that magazine. So I'll say thank you to him for putting the spotlight on indie comics there!

Jake said...

"Bent to shit" is a hilarious joke.