Monday, 25 February 2019

Wherein Matt just rips off content from the postcard Kickstarter's updates...

Hi, Everybody!

As you all know;
There's a Indiegogo live if you missed the Kickstarter for the birthday card.
The remastered Volume 1, digitally for $9.99.
And AND, as you also know: Dave and PALS* are currently running a Kickstarter for a Cerebus in Hell? postcard...from Hell?

Have you bought one yet? Are ya gonna?

Sound off in the comments if you HAVE bought a postcard. Also which postcard you bought (Beat to Hell or "DON'T DAMAGE MY @#$%ING POSTCARD!" Please.

Anyway, Everybody's Friend, and Superman's Frenemy: David Birdsong posted an update:
Get a FREE poster for your LCS (Local Comic Shop)!
Posted by David Birdsong (Superman's Frenemy)
From Dave Sim:
"The POST CARD FROM HELL NO. 1 is narrow, so it would fit on an 11 x 17 sheet with room up the side for [Your Comic Shop Name Here] presents.  The LCF (Local Cerebus Fan) lets you know the name of the LCS they're pitching it to and you do a quick and dirty digital file they can take to their local quick print shop and get ONE poster done.  Take it to the store, which gets a FREE poster with their store name taking up a lot of space with the promise of a new one every two months.  AND the option of the store printing up more of the poster if they want to give them away (here's how much 1 cost: here's how much the print shop will charge you for 5; 8; 10; 15, etc.) For most stores that will be "a bridge too far" but it will make the one free poster look like a better deal."
So taking that idea and moving forward we have decided it might be easier to go ahead and put the logo or just the name of the comic shop on the poster and then send it to the go-getter Cerebus fan or shop.  It will be a finished digital file ready to print.
All we need from you is the name of your local shop(s) (a website link is also very welcome so we can get a gander at the store's logo) and an email to send it to.  Not everyone wants their personal email displayed so publicly so a special email has been set up for this purpose as well as possible future digital rewards.  So please send all requests for the LCS Poster to:
"Can I get a poster?"  Glad you asked.  This poster was made with comic shop promotion in mind and will be virtually the same every other month with only the postcard image and number changed.
"Can I get a poster?"  Glad you asked again.  There is some discussion about a digital stretch reward for this or future campaigns and this is an excellent opportunity to test this method.  Let us know in the comments if an inexpensive digital reward (such as a poster geared toward supportive fans.  Hint: It's already in the finishing stages) is something you would like to see.  Delivery would begin as soon as the campaign ends.  No shipping means no weeks of waiting.  That's near instant gratification!  Aardvark-Vanaheim surges into the 21st century digital world!
Thank you for your considerable support and continued enthusiasm for our meager efforts.
David B
And this Image:
Look at that sexy new AMOC logo... Nice.
 Superman's Frenemy continued:
JAF Comics Presents:
Posted by David Birdsong (Seriously dude: What. Is. Your. Problem. With. Mr. Kent?)  
Congratulations to JAF Comics in Bethlehem, PA.  Thanks to their loyal customer Michael Ragiel, they are the first comic shop to get a 2019 Cerebus In Hell? Kickstarter Poster. 
Get a free poster for your favorite LCS today.  All we need is an email to send it to and a link to the shop's website so we can see their logo.  
Contact us on Kickstarter or
Have a great week!
From the CIH? team (Dave, Sean, Benjamin & David)
And this image:
Great AMOC logo...right?

Remember the * from above. That'd be Sean and Ben and David. They're Dave's "PALS".

Me? I'm Dave's "acquaintance."

And Superman's Next-Door Neighbor (Pre-Crisis.)

Next Time: Anybody seen anything on the Cerebus Facebook group I can swipe?


Margaret said...

I got the multi-pack of the "DON'T DAMAGE MY @#$%ING POSTCARD!"ones. I also added in an extra $6 for one beat to hell ones. I thought it'd be cool to get one with the Kitchener post mark on it as the rest will be under layers of protection. . .I don't know if they'll do that for me. . .if not, AV can keep the extra $6.

Wait. . .swiping things off the Cerebus Facebook group? Seesh.

pst - what about this?

Barry Deutsch said...

I'm curious. Does anyone know if Dave & co plans to do more Cerebus archive portfolios? There weren't any in 2018.

David Birdsong said...

The Cerebus Archive portfolios have yet to be completely fulfilled to everyone's satisfaction. Dave has stated that until the kinks are worked out he will not do something so complicated again. This is related to the current Kickstarters this year that are an attempt to streamline the process and make sure even the simplest campaigns go smoothly.

Barry Deutsch said...

Huh. I wonder why people aren't satisfied? The portfolios I have seem wonderful to me.

Oh well - either there will, or there will not, be more. Either way, I'll enjoy the ones I have.

Jeff said...

Barry, just as an example, I bought two each of the previous CAN's, with the same two numbers each time--#'s 301 and 121. I received both together for the first five CAN's. Last time, I received only #121. So, I called Dave and he personally made sure that I got #301, because he used extra prints to sign and number and he mailed the package directly from his studio. The fault is not with Dave, as far as I can tell, but with his (amateur) assistants, who are learning on the job. It also doesn't help that they don't all reside in Kitchener.