Tuesday, 19 February 2019

You guys wanna see the picture Dave drew of my Boner?

Hi, Everybody!

I know yesterday I left off saying that today's post would be about: "Get a load of the 'gazungas' on THAT one!"

Well, that's 'cause I WAS gonna discuss the Palnu Trilogy in The Great AMOC 2019 Re-Read, and all the buxom chicks Dave drew in the party in the Pits issue, which I had never notice before until I read the AMAZING 17th printing of the 1st phonebook (which ya'll can pick up for just ten bucks here, if you haven't gotten one already). But I kinda want a few more issues read before I do another Re-Read post (Maybe Saturday?)

Anyway, the first update for the Kickstarter has come out, and Your Pal and Mine: Sean Robinson has this to say:
Hello everyone!
Thanks SO much for your support so far in this campaign. We couldn't have imagined a better start. 
Due to popular demand, we've added two tiers for those wanting multiple cards--a FIVE-card tier, and a TEN-card tier. These tiers will be signed, numbered, and packaged in the manner of the "DON'T DAMAGE MY @#$%ING POSTCARD" tier but will include multiple cards instead of just the one. However, these will be sent to a SINGLE destination, of your choosing.
If you'd rather have multiple cards, sent by us to multiple destinations, then choose any tier and simply add/total the items you want. I.e. three  "DON'T DAMAGE MY @#$%ING POSTCARD" tier? $9 x 3= $27. I'll receive the multiple addresses from you in the survey at the close of the campaign.
To answer questions about the numbering-- unless there is an outcry of popular support (in these comments) for another option, the cards will be numbered sequentially, first-come-first-served, all tiers added together. That is, if you were the first person who pledged (I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) you have 1/???. Unless you pledge for 5 cards, in which case you have 1/??? through 5/???. 
We had one inquiry (hi Matt!)
Hi, Sean!
about special pledge numbers. If there's popular demand for this option, we'll add another tier to address this request, and you can change your pledge to that tier to accommodate it. But it's a pain on our end, for large logistical reasons having to do with how the cards will be numbered and addressed.
I didn't bring it up because it's a "I want this thing," more of a "Hey, what about this?" thing. If it's gonna be a hassle, then the answer is "no." And we all move on.
Hope you all are well, and thank you again for making this campaign a rousing success so far. In the spirit of this campaign, please, if you haven't done so yet, contact your local comic store about ordering copies of the next Cerebus in HEll? one-shot, or share the Diamond link with any Cerebus fans of your acquaintance. We love  the new issues Dave has been writing and we'd love to be able to share them with as wide an audience as possible.
All the best,
And, speaking of Kickstarters and unnatural segues (damn, I HAD one, where'd it go?), if you want the Neal Adams Birthday card and missed the last Kickstarter, we got ya.
Well, I've "buried the Lead" enough...

Who wants to see my Boner?

Come on, Dave drew it! 

My Boner once made Ger laugh!

Now, to quote Clevon Little: "Excuse me while I whip this out!"

See, Boner the Runt Dog!

Don't my Boner look good?

Alright, See you next time when...

Next Time: More Hobbs, and Less of my Boner...

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Travis Pelkie said...

buried the lede, actually.

I thought your Boner would be bigger.

Easy joke, taken quickly....