Friday, 29 March 2019

Can Dave still ink? Let's start with a pencil... (Dave's Weekly Update #280)

Hi, Everybody!

The Jaka's Story remaster has a Starcode!  APR191258 First month orders will be signed and numbered! "
However many orders there are in the next 3 weeks, that's how many signed copies there will be. Diamond will order over the initial orders by some other amount, and those will become inventory books available after the initial order...but they won't be signed." [Thanks Sean!-Matt]

Greg Hyland is Kickstartering the second volume of the Monster Atlas, and if he gets another fifteen hundred and fifty-eight bucks, it'll have Gerhard art like the first volume. It'll look a little something like this.

There's more auctions up at ComicsLink (ten days left). And last week's update has a special AMOC auction. (Seiler's winning at $100 US.)

If you're waiting for a Indiegogo live for the Postcard Kickstarter, like the one for the birthday card Kickstarter, I don't know if there will be one.

The remastered Volume 1 is available digitally for $9.99.

And, heeeeeere's Dave:

Problems viewing this video? Watch directly on YouTube...

Man, I'm starting to regret being poorer than Seiler...

Next Time: Something!


Jeff said...

A comment which veers uninterestingly off-topic:

Matt? You're not poorer than me, unless you mean in spirit, character, feats of strength, or pole dances.

You are my go-to guy for funny, and you always will be. Well, besides Will Leitch and ... um, ... that other guy.

But, yeah. Funny Matt. Always funny, Matt.

But, ya know, a little bit broad humor.

Just sayin'. Loves me some Dow.

Birdsong said...

It's issue 85, Grandpa.

Tony Dunlop said...

I let out a hearty guffaw when I saw what Cerebus/Speedy is "hooked" on.

John Christian said...

I posted this on the previous update already, but just in case it was supposed to be here: I bid $200 US.

And yes, it is #85, which I just happen to have sitting here on my desk (The Adams/O'Neil GL/GA run being next in my re-read stack) as I discovered this whole thing this evening. More ironic than most of the stuff in the Alanis Morrissette song, I think. I am currently re-reading Matt Wagner's "Mage" from the beginning, in case anyone was curious. It's nice digging through your collection and re-reading some of your all-time favorite runs. I re-read Cerebus all the way through about two years ago, but have re-read the first 4 books probably a half-dozen times or so.

Tony Dunlop said...

Funny you should mention rereads, John. A few years ago I decided to reread *all* of my comics, as they're otherwise just sitting there in the basement. I'm currently on the Ms; specifically Dame Darcy's "Meat Cake" from the grungy 90s.