Saturday, 6 April 2019

Please Hold For Dave Sim: 4/4/2019

Hi, Everybody!

It's that time of the month again:

So, as Dave says right away in part one, he hasn't been feeling well.

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Alright, thanks for stopping by, and remember:
The Jaka's Story remaster has a Starcode!  APR191258 First month orders will be signed and numbered! "However many orders there are in the next 2 weeks[?], that's how many signed copies there will be. Diamond will order over the initial orders by some other amount, and those will become inventory books available after the initial order...but they won't be signed." [Thanks Sean!-Matt]

Greg Hyland is Kickstartering the second volume of the Monster Atlas, and if he gets another two hundred and seventy-nine bucks CAD ($209 USD), it'll have Gerhard art like the first volume. It'll look a little something like this.

There's more auctions up at ComicsLink (two days left). And there's a special AMOC auction for the cover of Green Dante/Green Virgil. (John Christian bid $250 USD and is winning.)

If you're waiting for a Indiegogo live for the Postcard Kickstarter, like the one for the birthday card Kickstarter, I don't know if there will be one. But all the postcards should be in the mail. So watch for the postman.

The remastered Volume 1 is available digitally for $9.99.

Next Time: Jesus!


Jeff said...

I think you can put me down for being in the single-digits group, unless I die first. But, I think that Dave is exaggerating again, I think that there are more fans of Cerebus than just the 92 most recent ones who responded to his latest Kickstarter campaigns. Not everyone has the extra bucks for that, and not everyone is going to want every offered item. Personally, the postcard idea leaves me a little cold, but I found a way around that in order to still help out. I've never particularly cared for how Dave publically underestimates his fan base.

Good job, again, Matt.

Birdsong said...

I'm with you, Jeff. I agree that Dave underestimates his supporters. There were comments on this blog by people who had no interest in the postcard, but I imagine they are eager to see the newly remastered Jaka's Story.

I thought after listening to this month's interview, "how does anyone remain angry and offended by Dave after hearing how reasonable and well thought out his ideas are?" but these days it seems there is a long line of people running over each other to declare how little of Cerebus they ever read and they refuse to read anything else (or listen).

I also noticed that almost all of Bleeding Cool's quotes come from one Twitter feed. It's one small echo chamber of pissed off children yelling the same crap at each other. You are right to stay off Twitter, Matt, it's not worth your time.

Dion Turner said...

I find Bleeding Cool too difficult to read with the number of ads and pop ups, which is a shame because I used to like going there for Doctor Who news/opinions/observations.

I did pop in for the recent hit piece; it seemed uncharacteristically reactionary - assuming bad intent on Dave and the A-V team. It would be good if they followed up with a link to Dave's response; giving him a right of reply.

- Dion

Jeff said...

Didn't Bleeding Cool used to be mostly supportive of Dave's work? I dunno. I almost never go to comic book websites.