Tuesday, 11 June 2019

It's MY Birthday! Why are YOU getting the treat?

Hi, Everybody!

The remastered Volume 1 is available digitally for $9.99. 

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If you want this:

Bidding's at Thirteen bucks, thanks to Jeff Seiler!
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It's my birthday!

I'm twenty-one million, twenty-four thousand, seven hundred and eighty minutes old (give or take...).

Anyway, back in 2014, on one of the Kickstarters, Dave offered to send you a copy of whatever he was working on on your birthday. Of course I took him up on the deal, so I got:

It's been five years, I run AMOC now, Dave's not even drawing SODAR anymore,
And it's my birthday. I do what I want...
Don't judge me...
And here's the photo reference, go back and look at the drawing. See the "Dave Sim" hand? 

Okay, Birthday dinner time!

Next Time: New. Sim. Cerebus. Art.


Carson Grubaugh said...

Interesting to see the underlying structures he was using to map out the Sim Sizzle for that panel. Some of my favorite, totally bananas,drawing from SDOAR is what Dave does with the Sim Sizzles.

JLH said...

Happy birthday, Matt!

Birdsong said...

Happy Birthday, Matt. You don't look a day over 20 million.

Mike Battaglia said...

HAPPY Freakin' BIRTHDAY, MATT! A day late. I hope you had a swell time all day and night long, and are continuing to do so, and will continue to do so all the way through to your next birthday and beyond.

Jeff said...

Happy belated birthday, Matt! Hope you got the card we sent you.