Wednesday, 5 June 2019

We need MORE CATS!

Benjamin Hobbs:

While working on STRANGERS IN CEREBUS,  I've noticed something odd. There aren't enough Dore images of CATS.

These Lions and Leopard will have to do.

Image composited from six different Dore plates.

Next Week: A complete list of images-it-would-have-been-nice-if-Dore-had-made.


Jeff said...

Apropos not of this, though it is interesting, I received today the Heritage Auctions Cerebus page which I puchased (won) more than two weeks ago. I either forgot or did not know that it was, but it came to me professionally matted and framed (albeit with what I think is plexiglass at the front of the frame). It is from issue 17, page 14, and features the biographer and Krull discussing why he wants people to know his life's story.

It is a beautiful and very, very funny page, showcasing Dave's quickly improving art and writing skills.

"You know of the time I defended Fluroc's gate with only two dogs and a cripple at my side? How I had an arrow in my shoulder and even though I was delirious for a week, how the four of us held off the cream of Galfann's army? ... Well, I'm hoping my memoirs will show people that even *my* life isn't **always** that glamorous..."

U.S.$460, plus 20% "Buyers Premium", plus a very fair $69 "servicing, shipping, and handling (it was wrapped in 50 linear feet of bubble wrap) charge, plus 8% tax.

U.S.$671 for a FRAMED page by Dave, the math, the 1979.

Eat your hearts out, folks. You can get better pages, with more Cerebus on them, but this actually is earlier, funnier, stuff and framed!

Sean, I assume you don't have a scan of this page?

Jeff said...

"purchased", not "puchased". Sheesh! Also, look it up. There's a lot more funny dialogue on the page. Dave told me that he would like for me to will the Green Dante/Green Virgil stuff to his Archive and I told him that I would will all original art that I own to the Archive. Including this very well-executed page.