Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Agents of CiH?/Free Stuffs

Hi, Everybody!

"Manly" Matt Dow, your friendly neighborhood Interim Editor of A Moment of Cerebus here.

(I point that out for a reason, that I'll get to momentarily (heh.).)

So, remember when I signed up to be an Agent of CiH? on the faceybooks?

Well the Agent of CiH? on the tweeters: Brian W. and I got this message sent to us by Dave:

And here's what Brian W. tweeted:

I gather that Brian is getting messages from Dave and then tweeting them.

I hope you people are happy. I had to go on the twitters for this. You all KNOW how I FEEL ABOUT THE TWITTERS!!!

As I keep mentioning, "Manly" Matt Dow, Interim Editor of A Moment of Cerebus, is giving away the Free Stuff.

Well, I got this message at momentofcerebus@gmail.com:
Dear Mr. Sim,

Free stuff from my favorite comic book author of all time? Sign me up!

I got one of your signed postcards wishing me a happy birthday that my older brother commissioned after donating to one of your Kickstarter campaigns. Even though it was just one among countless other postcards, I just wanted to thank you for it. It really meant a lot to me. It's tucked inside the plastic packaging of my Cerebus Issue #0 next to my 16 phonebooks of Cerebus where it shall stay forevermore.

I hope this email finds you in good health and thank you in advance for the free stuff.

May peace be with you and Go On. Beat it. Scram.

Thanks a bundle,

Dylan H. Perry
So, I replied:
Well Dylan,

I got the proverbial "good news, bad news" for you.

Good news: you're getting free stuff!

Bad news: it's not from Dave Sim. It's from "Manly" Matt Dow, the Interim Editor of A Moment of Cerebus. But it'll be "terribly funny" (and hopefully not "funnily terrible"...).

Sorry for the confusion,
"Manly" Matt Dow
Dylan's gonna get something like what Oliver Simonsen is getting (has gotten? I mailed it Saturday...)
Click for biggerness.
Surprise Oliver! (If it hasn't shown up yet...)

If you want the Free Stuff, follow the link.

Next Time: Wanna see the kind of horrible $#!* I send Hobbs? You're gonna...


Jeff said...

Oh, man, better you guys than me (or, Dave). I detest social media. This really is about as social as I get on the Interweb.

And, I'm a fairly sociable guy.

Oliver said...

How did i miss this post? It's the best post ever!! Sure, a lot of beautiful things are posted here, but nothing as glorious as a personalized "A Moment of Cerebus" card featuring cameos of blog runner Mr Dow's "Iguana and Beer" and my own "Captain Zap and A-1"."Flash Iguana" and "Beer Rogers" is awesomely delightful, wish I had come up with that - really works for them and hope there'll be more. Thank you so much - love the card: it's terrific looking and charming - and your style is better suited for my characters than mine. Will always treasure this!