Monday, 5 August 2019

From the depths of the AMOChive, I bring you a...fat bearded guy...AND SPIDER-HAM!!!

Hi, Everybody!

While looking for my "lost Dave Sim Letter", I found all sorts of neat stuff.


'emember Dave's cover for Ultimate Spider-Man #100?
Yeah, that one...
Well, here I am with Hero Initiative president Jim McLauchlin, and I AM HOLDING THE ORIGINAL COPY OF DAVE'S ISSUE #100!!! (Back in 2007...)
I'm the Slacker on the left. Jim's the guy on the right.
You guy's remember the Hero Initiative, right? They helped out Russ Heath and Gene Colan?


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Next Time: I got ALL my other letters from Dave...

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Jeff said...

Fat, beardly, guy?!? I don' see it!