Friday, 9 August 2019

Spider auction (Dave's Weekly Update #299)

Hi, Everybody!


Wanna see what you'll get?


Well, tough, Dave sent me high quality scans of low quality art. If I post it, you could just MAKE your own for free.

BUT, I'm ADDING to the Auction.

I'm throwing in this image:

All detailed and "purdy" and Signed by "Manly" Matt Dow and printed on 110# paper. (Maybe I'll send it to Dave to have HIM sign it too.)

It'll look better than:
Ya see what I mean? 
Okay, more previews:

(I think all of Spider-Whore #1 is in here... "It's good to be the King.")

Heck, since I'm in such a good mood, I'll even throw in an original drawing of Spider-Iguana:
Winning bidder will get a drawing of Spider-Iguana parodying the cover to a Spider-Man comic of their choice.

Let's start this insanity off at ten bucks US... (Sound off in the comments if you want in.)
UPDATE: Byron Dunbar has already bid $100 over on youtube, so that's where the bidding stands.- "Manly"

"Manly" Matt Dow is still giving away free @#$%!

Next Time: AMOChive. Something from the AMOChive...


Jeff said...

What the heck, I'll go $101.

Birdsong said...

I'll bid... nah, I have all 48 pages already. I'm currently working on pages 29-34, a six page rant by Cerebus. When I say rant I REALLY MEAN RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's on fire. Lots of new Dave art in this one and about one million word balloons.

Brian West said...

Hello, CIH? Twitter Volunteer #0001 here. First I wanna thank Matt for the write-up last week. Much appreciated. Second, how long does this auction last. Finally, do folks just bid here? Thanks in advance.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


1) you're welcome.
2) "auctions will go on as long as they have to..." -Tyler Durden? Um, I think I'll call it Saturday afternoon.
3) bid here, or send a bid to