Monday, 23 September 2019

Cerebus In Matt's Life: Part The Fifth (It's funny, because this one involves drinking...)

Hi, Everybody!

So, over the weekend, I hung a bunch of stuff in The Hall of Solitude (Located above the AMOCave, in Stately Dow Manor):
Mostly this stuff....

I shared these pics over on the Faceybooks, and our ol' friend (and birthday girl) Margaret Liss asked:
ohhh, how about a close up of that space collection of pictures? And Cerebus and his son on the boat?
Well, I COULD, but I'd rather post close-ups as I talk about 'em, and to get there, I have to turn once again to:

Cerebus In Matt's Life: 
Part The Fifth

When last we did this $#!*, I left off with:
Next Time: Guys. Matt lives Guys. It. Was. Epic.
And then I skipped around and missed part the fifth.

The short version (Trust me, you want the short version.):

For about six months in 2003, I imbibed alcohol. It was great. Me and the kids from the college, would go bowling on Thursday nights, and then hang out at my buddy Rabbit's place and drink. (Well, I wouldn't drink, I'd just hang out.)

One week, I pulled out my hand-made diamondback cards

[Insert image of my missing deck here.]

And we played Diamondback. And turned it into a drinking game. If you got two priests, it was called an "Alterboy," and you had to take a shot of Scotch. Which I took mixed with Coke, in my bucket class:

That's right, I drank scotch from a "buggid":
As "classy" people do...
Anyway, after ten "shots"," I was good and "fuckeded" up. Another night, I got very drunk and acted like Cerebus in Guys. (Remember, this is the short version....)

Cut to 2004, when I met Dave and Ger for the second time,

(The bit that I need to at to THAT, is this:

Inside cover to issue 295

Specifically, THIS. This is where I got the idea to give Dave the watch.)
I got a picture of them AND the Cerebus Muppet holding my "buggid":
Photo by Rabbit. (I have a copy in my toolbox at work.)

Photo by me (And it's all dramatic and $#!*....)
Which leads to Cerebus In Matt's Life: Part The Sixth.

And then (to get back to what Margaret asked for), (and page 372 of Collected Letters 2004.):

Any chance I get to post Aardvark Wang....

I want that shirt.

Okay, if you want some Rigmarole, just click yesterday's post (it's the same $#!*....)

Next Time:"But MATT! Where's what Margaret wanted?!?" Patience. Patience....


Steve said...

Matt -

What's the commentary on the bottom of the Cerebus the Berserker print ?

and it looks like it's a larger print too...


momentofcerebus said...

It's not a print like the Cerebus Archive Prints.

It's special, and coming in the future.

(After Steve Peters Week II at the earliest...)

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


The post about the print is coming, not versions of the print itself.

Just to be clearer,