Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Free Stuff Round-up

Hi, Everybody!

This Week's Auction is at $20 (US) to Brian West!

You should order the Vark Wars.

Remember when I was giving away the Free Stuff last month? 

Well, a few stragglers aside, here's what I sent out:

Larry Wooten got:

Which I decided looked like crap, so I sent him this too:

I swear I had never seen this before:
Image result for Cerebus Cockroach cover

David Birdsong asked me to:
Just saw the latest post. Is there any chance you could send my Staff
Sergeant US Army daughter a goofy drawing? The message: "Hey, I sort of
know your stepdad that loves you and is very damn proud of you." Or
anything else. Funnier the better.
It's the price of a regular stamp (she's serving in Germany).
Brittany Jackson
She just made staff sergeant at 29. Nobody does that, but I knew she
would. As the father of daughters yourself I can only warn you that they
will do things one day that will make your heart sing like you never
thought it would.
Thank you.
David Birdsong
This is LITERALLY the first thing I thought of:
I faxed all of these up to Dave, and he faxed back:
Click for biggerness...
Here's her reaction... to me, I haven't seen her reaction to Dave...

Then, my ol' buddy Kevin got:

PBS lost funding over this one...
Oliver Simonsen asked for his characters, Captain Zap and A1 the robot with Iguana and Beer AND Cerebus!
Click for bigger
Then Gabriel McCann is getting (I mailed it out today...)

Which is a ripoff of:

And Dylan Perry is gonna get (same deal, I mailed it today.):

Which is a ripoff of:
Image result for Varkzetta

I really like that one. I think it turned out well.

Okay, I got three left to draw, and then I might do this one again in November, in time for Christmas, maybe.

Next Time: Hobbs and Vark Wars SECRETS...


Oliver said...

Thank you again so much for the drawing of Flash Iguana and Beer Rogers with my characters Captain Zap and A-1. Will always treasure it.
And big congratulations to Brittany on her promotion - and to her very proud step dad, David!

Gabe McCann said...

Thanks Matt
will let you know when mine arrives here in the land Downunder

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Dave has no idea what his own country does, does he?

-- Damian

Tony Dunlop said...

Well, I'm a Murr'can, so I can directly say, THANKS, SARGE!