Monday, 9 September 2019

"I really HATE it when he DOES that."

Hi, Everybody!

You want a prototype The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, you gotta pledge (or up your pledge) here. Eddie clarifies:
So if you joined after sep 6, for $50, we’re assuming you want in on the contest so you get 50 chances. If you were already a contributing Patron before, and you had contributed $150 in total since you joined, and you upped your pledge by $10 after Sep 6, you get 15+ 10= 25 chances.
Vark Wars, SEP191310. Meme by Birdsong
Colin Upton!: COLIN UPTON!!!: For the love of Pete: COLIN UPTON!!!!!:
The Cerebus in Hell? merch is changing before or on September 13th. Just an FYI...

Next Time: I dunno, something...

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Tony Dunlop said...

Dave did such an amazing job of capturing falling-down-drunkenness in "Guys." I've been that drunk (albeit not for almost 30 years) and Cerebus' reaction to the chalk-toss is absolutely spot-on.