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Steve Peters Week II: Spirituality Vs. God

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Friend to the Blog: Steve Peters is running a new KickStarter to fund his latest project: Parallel Comicverses #1, which has a new story in it, WRITTEN BY DAVE SIM! And to celebrate, I'm doing STEVE PETERS WEEK II!

I told Steve this, and he came up with a schedule, and is pretty much doing my job for me (and THAT is how you get "Friend of the Blog" status kids...)

Take it away Steve...

Steve Peters:

Sunday the 29th- Spirituality Vs. God

Here's the link---this should link to my playlist of all 4 videos so you won't have to post each one:

[Or, here's Steve Peters Week I's version of Spirituality Vs. God. The videos are embedded there too. Plus, the transcripts.-Manly]

Here's the text:

O.K., so we already did my "Spirituality Vs. God" panel with Dave Sim for last year's Shark---er, Steve Peters week. But since we're starting off on a Sunday, it seemed appropriate once more, so I'll add some thoughts that didn't get mentioned last time.

I have somehow forgotten whose idea it was to do the panel. I'm pretty sure it was me, since I had a lot of questions about Rick's Story and Dave's interesting ideas on scripture, which were still being revealed at the time. I sent Dave a letter asking if he'd like to do it, and he said sure. I think he expected me to take an adversarial stance, as his reply was along the lines of "How about we call it Spirituality Vs. God, and I'll take God's side?". Uhh, can't we BOTH be on God's side, Dave?

Now, Dave's challenge to Jeff Smith to a boxing match at SPACE was still a recent memory. So when I told SPACE organizer Bob Corby about the panel and the name Dave came up with, he replied "Should I bring the boxing gloves?". Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

Fortunately the panel went really well. My friend and sometime comics collaborator Eric Wilmoth was kind enough to videotape it for me, so we have it preserved for all posterity. Dave answered all my questions at great length, so much so that the panel, which was supposed to take up the last hour of the show on Sunday, ended up going an hour longer.

I only wish I'd given some thought to my closing remarks, which were kind of weak. I said, "Believe in something", and I might as well have said "Believe in anything". Dave had accused me around that time, and I suppose it was true---I was taking a bit from Buddhism, from Native American beliefs, from this and that. Dave's own closing remarks were quite eloquent and quoted scripture, making my own seem that much more feeble.

So we finished up an hour after the show had ended, and came out into the hall to discover that all the other exhibitors had already broken down everything and the tables were gone. My table was the only thing there! Bob was kind enough to open a gate allowing me to drive my car right in and break down my stuff straight into the trunk.

Fifteen years later, Bob invited me to interview Gerhard at another panel. Gerhard's answers to my questions were very interesting and enlightening, and I thought it made a nice bookend to my SPACE/Cerebus experience. I believe Jeff Seiler recorded it, so I hope he'll someday get around to posting it somewhere.

[Where's the @#$%ING Video Jeff!-Manly]


Thanks Steve!

Next Time: Steve Peters Week II Continues, so...Steve Peters?...How do you people not "get" this?


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