Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Weird Back Cover Errors

Benjamin Hobbs:

I've noticed a couple of running-errors on the back covers of recent CIH? books.

The first running error is The Amazing Cerebus #1 being listed as Aardvark Comics #1. It is identified correctly on the back covers of The Amazing Cerebus #1 and World's Finite Cerebus #1. From Love and Aardvarks #1 until LGBTQ etc People #1 it was listed as Aardvark Comics #1.  This was corrected as of Fornicators Inc. #1(And will hopefully STAY corrected.)

Are YOUR mistakes running? You better go catch them.

The next mistake is the naming of The Death of Cerebus In Hell? At some point a "v" was added before "In". Any time an errant "V" shows up on the Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, or Back Cover, it's because I was attempting to toggle to the Move tool in InDesign, while I had an active Text box open. (The "V" key is the key board short cut for Move.) This particular "v" appeared when I had to shrink down the font on the back cover of Fornicators Inc #1 to accommodate the ever expanding library of CIH? books.  It SHOULD be gone on the Back cover of COLOUR YOUR OWN CIH? #1. (Out in October!)

Next Week: The most exciting post you'll see on AMOC this year.
Vark Wars, SEP191310. Meme by Birdsong


Tony Dunlop said...

Matt promised "The most exciting post you'll see on AMOC this year."

Oh boy! Chester Brown's guest-AMOCing again??!?

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Oh no! I'm not gonna get drawn into this again!

-- The Pedant

Tony again said...

Don't worry, Damian, we'll escort you. We know you're hooked.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


That was Hobbs.

I say "Next Time".