Friday, 4 October 2019

Health food literature (Dave's Weekly Update #307)

Hi, Everybody!


I asked Dave to "Steve Peters" it up, but NO DICE!


Steve Peters Week II continues:

Friend to the Blog: Steve Peters is running a new KickStarter to fund his latest project: Parallel Comicverses #1, which has a new story in it, WRITTEN BY DAVE SIM! And to celebrate, I'm doing STEVE PETERS WEEK II!

On one of his Kickstarters, Steve was offering to do a drawing on a blank Avengers Cover. I bought it and told him I wanted a recreation of The Busiek/Perez Avengers #1 cover (the one that has all the Avengers on it.) Then I told him I was just kidding, and he could do a recreation of Avengers #4 "Captain America Lives!"

Well, when it showed up, it looked like this:
And then I pulled it out of the bag to read the issue, and saw the BACK COVER:
That's right, it's the Busiek/Perez Avengers.

So, I talked to Dave for an hour and thirty-three minutes. It was great (he "Steve Peters"ed it up REAL good,) he mentioned a couple of things I gotta Rigmarole:

Form & Void is OUT OF PRINT (and apparently going for a hundred bucks on Amazon...) BUT, Diamond has supposedly found some copies in the warehouse, so if you want it, tell your LCS you want it.

I don't have exact numbers (as Diamond won't let Dave tell me them,) but the Cerebus in Hell? issues that are ALMOST Sold Out are:

And then the issues that are Low Stock and will soon be Almost Sold Out:

And then the rest of the Rigamarole:
Rob Walton is doing a Ragmop Kickstarter too. (Where's HIS week here on AMOC?!?)
Vark Wars T-Shirt. Vark Wars T-shirt. Vark Wars T-shirt.
Vark Thing.

Next Time: I Came, I Held, I Conquered:


Steve Peters said...

Love the drawing, Matt (well, I WOULD---three of them are my characters!) For those not familiar, the front cover features the Rabbit Hell characters as Avengers. The sketch cover was a reward for one of my Rabbit Hell restoration Kickstarters. I got the idea for doing a restoration Kickstarter from Dave's restoration Kickstarters of the various Cerebus books.

I also owe Dave for the idea of using one's own characters as other more famous characters. He wrote somewhere that people at conventions would sometimes ask him if he could draw Superhero X for him. Dave would say "no, but how about a drawing of Cerebus dressed as Superhero X?" Brilliant.

And that's why the back cover has Comicverse characters as the Avengers. AND, these sketches can be considered parody, so I can publish them. The Rabbit Hell one appeared as a pinup in the latest remastered issue, and the Comicverse one will be used in a future Comicverse story. I really have to hand it to Dave for his great ideas that I've borrowed.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Well Steve,

If you want it, it's yours. Otherwise it goes to Dave and he gets to auction it.

"Manly" Matt Dow

Birdsong said...
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Steve said...

The last sale of Form & Void on eBay was $90 for one of the signed copies; surprised me that it sold for so much.

Steve (not Peters)

and those are nice covers indeed, Mr. Peters!

Dion Turner said...

Awesome Covers!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see the evolution of Dave Sim's looks. They caught up to his brain and he truly resembles the goblin he deserves to be. Like some hideous Jim Henson creation!