Monday, 7 October 2019


Hi, Everybody!

Still getting over Dave not digging on H. P. Lovecraft...

Ya know what's good for helping out with that?

Rob Walton is doing a Ragmop Kickstarter
Vark Thing.
Form & Void is OUT OF PRINT (and apparently going for a hundred bucks on Amazon...) BUT, Diamond has supposedly found some copies in the warehouse, so if you want it, tell your LCS you want it.
The Cerebus in Hell? issues that are ALMOST Sold Out are:
Sim City: That Issue After
Iron Manticore
And then the issues that are Low Stock and will soon be Almost Sold Out:
Fornicators Inc.
Canadian Vark
Friend to the Blog: Steve Peters is running a new KickStarter to fund his latest project: Parallel Comicverses #1, which has a new story in it, WRITTEN BY DAVE SIM!

Speaking of Steve and Dave and Cerberus...

Steve sent me:
Matt: Here's Page 1 of Dave's script, two Cerebus-related images from the Prologue, and the two recreations of Cerebus as Cerberus that I did for you and Margaret.

From the prologue

Also, the prologue

Here's what Steve did for Margaret.

And I'm getting this. (Thanks Steve!)
And now, without further ado, the script to the first page of Dave Sim's script for Steve Peters' Comicverse spin-off, Parallel Comicverses #1, "CERBERUS CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE!"...

Well, some ado:

Steve posted to the Facebooks:

Next Time: Either Steve, or...Gene?


Jeff said...


I mean, they're all kind of sitting around and going:

"When do *we* get to do something?"

"Yeah, no. Really?"

Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten that Dave came up with The Origin of Everything (a.k.a. The Unified Theory which Einstein spent his intellectual life pursuing. What a very stable genius.

Tony Dunlop said...

Are you mocking Dave's great and unmatched wisdom?

Jeff said...

And, Anon, um...just sayin'...Close the parenthetical sentence with, you know, a parenthesis, maybe? But. Hey, been there, didn't do it, and was too embarassed to get the t-shirt. Punctuation puts you in your grave too soon.

And, the Trump reference is a very nice one, but doesn't apply to Dave.

However...the Trump presidential administration does mimic, on a parallel beam, "High Society".

Which book, of course, mimicked pretty much every other Presidential or Ministorial debacle. POLITICS! The greatest spectator sport, ever!!!

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Seems like it applies pretty darned well. In both cases, nobody has a higher opinion of these individuals than they do themselves.

-- Damian