Wednesday, 2 October 2019

VARKING DEAD: A History Part 1/High Society on Comixology/Steve Peters Week II: Sparky VS Iguana VS Beer

Benjamin Hobbs:

VARKING DEAD #1 will be on store shelves next February, but there has been a long and winding path to the comic that will appear on the shelves of your LCS next winter.

In 2017 (possibly 2016? I'm an awful comics historian, even when I have direct access to ALL the people involved) Dave wrote an 24 page issue of CIH? titled THE WALKING DEAD MEET CEREBUS IN HELL? and pitched it to Image.  They weren't interested.

The cover of the rejected issue.

In early 2018, David Birdsong suggested putting a new cover on the 24 strips from THE WALKING DEAD MEET CIH? and releasing it as THE VARKING DEAD #1. In the time that lapsed between writing THE WALKING DEAD MEET CIH? and 2018, Dave had decided that he didn't want to publish the 24 strips, even under a new cover.

David Birdsong's 1st draft of THE VARKING DEAD cover.

Tragically, this means there's at LEAST 24 CIH? strips that won't see the light of day. (Unless Dave gives the OK to run them on AMOC.)

If you want to or NEED to see these strips, leave a comment below!

Next Week: VARKING DEAD: A History Part 2


Hi, Everybody!

Got me a message:
We wanted to let you know that Cerebus Vol. 2: High Society will be available for sale on comiXology on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. We are including the unique url you can use to help promote your book via social media.
This link will not be active until after the book is available for sale, between 9am & 10am EST on Wednesday, so please make sure it works prior to socializing it.
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My comic Cerebus Vol. 2: High Society is NOW available on @comiXology Submit! Be sure to check it out! #cXSubmit
Below you will find your metadata as it will appear on the site. For Tumblr users you can copy the contents of the frame and paste it into a text post via the Tumblr dashboard. This will create a post featuring the cover art, as well as links to your comic on the comiXology website.
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Finally Cerebus Vol. 2: High Society has automatically been added to the comiXology account associated with your submission. It will be available on the day of release.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
comiXology Submit Team
So there you go.
 "Hey, Man, like where's the Steve Peters? Isn't it "Steve Peters Week II? I gotta have my Peters fix..."

I hear ya pally:

Here's what Sparky actually says.
Rob Walton is doing a Ragmop Kickstarter too. (Where's HIS week here on AMOC?!?)
Vark Wars T-Shirt. Vark Wars T-shirt. Vark Wars T-shirt.
Vark Thing.

Next Time: Steve Peters Week II continues with Margaret...

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Birdsong said...

At the time I sent the cover to Dave he told me about the earlier Varking Dead issue and I got pdf from Sean Robinson. It was done in the early days by Dave and Sandeep so it really needed an upgrade. Dave also mentioned it would have to be partially or completely rewritten. I spent a few days recreating all 24 pages with no word balloons then printed out both versions and sent them to Dave. It was then he said never mind to the whole thing, but he did think he might eventually use the wordless strips for something else. That's were it ended until Benjamin revived the idea which I'm sure he'll tell you about next time.

FYI: High Socitey is on sale as of today on ComiXology. For a mere $13.99 (US) you can get the 2015 remastered version delivered to your inbox.

Or just go to and search for Cerebus.