Friday, 8 November 2019

A letter from Nebraska (Dave's Weekly Update #312)

Hi, Everybody!


Jeff said...

A) You draw some creepy shit, sometimes, Matt. Can I buy it?

B) Been there, seen the framed original BWS art for the cover of Swords of Cerebus, on the upstairs (?) hallway wall of the undisclosed, secret, bat-cave location of The Off-White House.

Nyah, nyah.

Don't you guys just hate me?

Nyah, nyah!

Birdsong said...

I'm getting a visual of all those lovely ladies from my Playboy reading days shedding tons of skin everywhere.

Andrés G. said...

hey, i know im prolly not asking this in the correct place, but heavy metal magazine isn't responding on fb.

whats the deal rn with smile of the absent cat? it was supposed to come out at the end of october in hardcover format, but since it has gone cold in the usual places (book depository, amazon, etc). anyone knows?

Birdsong said...

Look over on the sidebar for a link to Gerhard’s blog. You can send him message and ask about it.

Dean Reeves said...

Next kickstarter should be high end art prints, to size, of the BWS cover to Swords and the Bill Sienkiewicz cover to Cerebus Jam.

I mentioned the BS one before because I saw a photo of Dave in front of it, and it would look spectacular as an art print on heavy paper…I had no idea he had the BWS piece (does he also have the back?) which would look equally amazing.

Dare to dream I guess.