Monday, 4 November 2019

Astoria and Cerebus sitting in a tree...

Hi, Everybody!

House of Cerebus.

And Dave's calling on Thursday, get your questions in to, or else Dave and I will be spending Way Too Long talking about:

It starts with Margaret (and she wants a raise!), continues with me, and then again.

(Ya'll caught up?) ((Did ya read the comments?))

Okay, Jeff's position is that Astoria was manipulating Cerebus when he raped her.

My counter is that Astoria hadn't been able to manipulate Cerebus since the third time Jaka showed up and said:

As evidenced by the last time he saw Astoria before the rape:

But going back to earlier in High Society, there's this bit:

Which is just weird. (I trimmed the bit where Astoria really was high.)

And then there's:

Like, how many times did Cerebus have sex with Astoria?

And bonus: What was this?:
I mean, what was the play here?

Next Time: I dunno, less of this kind of thing?


Birdsong said...

Sometimes the ladies just like a bohunk in a suit.

Jeff said...

David, don't I know it!

Matt, you're damning Astoria with faint praise. All of these scenes show her to be the "CYNICAL MANIPULATOR" that she was, until the end, when she got told off by whichever incarnation of Po that was.

And, of course, *of course*, Cerebus was a "CYNICAL MANIPULATOR". We learned that almost from the start (well, he was, except when it came to Jaka, maybe). But, Jaka was, in her way, a CYNICAL MANIPULATOR, too.

And, speaking of manipulators, what about Bran? He was trying to give Cerebus solid military advice, but he most certainly would have benefitted, had those events occurred.

Lastly, remember, all of these pages of Astoria and Cerebus (including her trying to get herself "with child", an aardvark child) were written and drawn by Dave (and Ger, in some cases) and edited by Dave's female "assistants" while he was still an avowed Feminist.

I very much look forward to your phone conversation with Dave, Matt. He might say that gagging Astoria and forcing (or "forcing") him/her/itself on her was rape. But Dave might also acknowledge that the scene was just more manipulation by the master (Mistress) of manipulation.

Also, those "thought balloons" during the sex scene didn't exactly look like "thought balloons." More like telepathy or speaking through a gag.

Jeff said...

Oh, and I particularly enjoy how the map of the Aardvarkian Empire in Cerebus' imagination looks like a nice round woman's (Astoria's?) ass, and has The Sea of The South *and* Astoria City *very* strategically placed. So, maybe they did have sex *that* night...

Tony Dunlop said...

They're Iest ans Serrea, Jeff. Cerebus didn't "place" them anywhere.

Tony again said...

AND Serrea.

Jeff said...

No, Tony, Cerebus didn't "place" them.

Dave did.

Bigger picture, Tony. That map was drawn by Dave (or, maybe, MAYBE, Michael Loubert), back in Dave's randy days.

Look closer. Or, maybe, I'm just a perv.

Okay, I said it. Have fun, guys. And, M.

Tony one more time said...

Yes, Jeff. You are. I honestly don't see what you do - thank G-D.
And anyway, Michael Loubert designed the map of Estarcion. So there. Nanner Nanner Boo Boo.

Jeff said...

I'm pretty sure that Dave drew that particular map, because it doesn't match up with Michael's map, at all, even though it is in Michael's style. And remember, Dave was always the best magpie in comics.