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Cerebus Around the World and Web #3 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

Oliver's Back!

Oliver Simonsen:

Still working on a banner idea...maybe plug my comic book character? Here's Dave Sim kindly giving my comic book "Captain Zap" a plug back in the day on his streaming service "Cerebus TV".

Will Elrod, I mean Elric, be the next Game of Thrones?

Mario discovered Elric via Cerebus and in the comments suggests maybe the TV show will take their cue from there

Someone has started reading Cerebus and finds the Elric parody spot on

That time I thought about doing an Elrod comic:)

And here's me trying to do some crayon coloring... get your Dave Sim Xmas cards in early!

Cerebus covers. Cerebus Epic. Cerebus colored everywhere?

Dean White (Amazing Spider-Man, Punisher, Dark Avengers, Captain America, Black Panther, and Wolverine) is asked to color "Cerebus in hell?" Eddie Khanna remembers Dean Reeves colored Cerebus page commision: An amazing hand coloured page (by Ger) from the first issue of Cerebus that he ever worked on: Any Thing Done For the First Time Unleashes a Demon.

Gilmore Girls and Cerebus Syndrome

With Cerebus appearance on the NetFlix show "Toys that made us"

Maybe time for a look back on George Gatsis' and Daniel Grant's Cerebus toys? The toy that comes to life in the beginning of each Dave Sim Weekly Update. There's the "Action Figure yet to be" and the chess set, both which has been covered here and elsewhere before

But there's more

Favorite Cerebus fight move/moment shared

"BobH" of the "Four Realities" blog also shares Cerebus' appearance on a charity jam poster

Cerebus source of Frank Miller news

Alan Moore to do Cerebus?

Suditech shares his Cerebus obsession

Most here probably know that the comic store "Escape Pod Comics" has a "Cerebus wall" - here is the latest edition drawn by @andrewmaclean

The surreal success of Cerebus in hell?

learn from latest promo

"Cerebus in hell?" and furries

He comes from the world of Cerebus...

Thanks mom for Cerebus

Dave Sim Superman letter

Dave Sim and Corp

Cerebus sale

Someone is watching the "Comic Tropes" episode spotlighting Cerebus - which is now at almost at 150k views

She's thinking about Cerebus

Bleeding Cool spotlights the upcoming "Cerebus in hell?" issue called "Silver Cerebus" - order now!

When they had call to the public for submissions for "Cerebus in hell?" parody ideas way back when at this blog i shared their post to the Cerebus Facebook Group and added this in the facebook comments as a goof, but didn't actually submit it. There are legal issues using the movie poster for one:).

Rap mascot Quasimoto is an aardvark
For those unfamiliar with world renown rapper Quasimoto check out his Wikipedia page

And here is Ed Piskor (X-Men Grand Design, Hip Hop Family Tree) doing a mashup

"A Moment of Lord Julius" shared. Now there's a thought:)

Dave Sim and limos

Dave Sim cure for boredom 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover 

Moon Roach!

Cerebus returns! "Motion" comic

RIP Tom Spurgeon. Here covered by New York Times no less.

His stature and the momentous occasion of his "top 10 comics of all time", featuring Cerebus of course, was in his lifetime acknowledged as well. AV Club had an article on his list even, adding: "...the first 150 issues of Cerebus are unparalleled in their ambition and quality, and the last 150 are noteworthy for their singular passion and astonishing art. Cerebus should be in the Top 5"

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: Art!

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