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New Column: [Insert Title Here.] by Oliver S.

Hi, Everybody!

Oliver S: 
So I asked Matt, hey, I was thinking maybe I could do my "Facebook column" of "Cerebus around the world and web" on AMOC, with links to various news articles/instagram/facebook/twitter posts. Both Dave and Tim on separate occasions asked if I would do a regular column about the film on AMOC, but I felt it was too soon and it still is...but I'll add some previews, behind-the-scenes and whatnot. I would have suggested this sooner, but frankly was afraid of the commitment and it's going to be more work - rather than just slap something onto the facebook group whenever something I'm working on is loading or saving.
Anyway, thank you so much to Matt for giving the go ahead, so here we go - my first AMOC column with the latest from the last couple of days. I'm btw Oliver S:).

" first he was but a curiosity...". A stranger in a strange town. A look at the Cerebus film progress 

Not to start off on a morbid note, but here is an obituary Professor of English at Indiana State University for 48 years, Steven Edward Connelly:
"A graduate of the University of Michigan, he always maintained the highest literary standards, acquiring significant collections of the works of Scrooge McDuck, Cerebus the Aardvark, Conan the Barbarian, and more, decorating his office extensively in these images that his students might always feel the gravity of literature in his presence."

Here Mike Sterling confesses his love for Cerebus and Swamp Thing and the mightiness and specificness of Dave's micro targeting PR

On Instagram Pop Culture Reviewer Roy Miskatonic posts yet another Cerebus "motion" comic

Artist and PodCaster Richard Grzela speculates on Savage Dragon overtaking Cerebus as it has 52 issues to go

Speaking of Cerebus and Spawn, CBR speculates if the Joker film will help get Spawn movie made, where they add that Todd "...has earned a place into The Guinness Book of World Records. The previous holder of the record was Dave Sims' 300-issue series Cerebus." I would think the two would each have their respective records, that Dave's will still hold.

"MarvelMan" spotlights the Cerebus/Spawn crossover issue

Writer, comic geek and horror movie reviewer Jason Grey point's out how a Marvel character is a nod to Cerebus. In a seperate thread comic shop "Comics on Green" does as well

Eisner Judge and Editor Newsarama and Futureplc Chris Arrant asks which are your top 5 comics? 
Graphic Designer and musician Corey Foster 
Publisher of Dylan’s Domain Comics David Haner
Writer Benjamin Birdie 
Britsh Comic Artist Marc Laming (Marvel, DC/Vertigo, IDW, Dynamite, Dark Horse, Image, Boom!Studios etc plus animation and films)

According to Spanish google translate Kanye West will be doing Cerebus songs 

"Cerebus Retcon" is now part of the vernacular 

Everybody give a warm welcome to "Cerebus in hell?" twitter volunteer Robert Brian L. West

Chad Lambert, creator of "Possum at Large" who guest stars in the latest issue of "Cerebus in hell?" shares how it's his creations first appearance since 2005

Jared Osborn shares a video of his comic purchases including the latest "Cerebus in hell?" 

Mike Costa (Marvel/DC/IDW/NetFlix writer) has even most Cerebus fans beat 
DC Editor Andy Khouri agrees

Well that's that for this time. That took longer than i thought it would lol. But doesn't everything?
Btw Blair Kitchen, who Dave spends his Christmases with, has his animation featured in the trailer for the upcoming NetFlix Dr Suess "Green Eggs & Ham" series

And one last thing: did you know Cerberus is misspelled more often than not? You are not alone Dave, you are not alone. Here is but a sampling - will have to make this a regular column:)

[So, Oliver sent me three emails worth of links, and I asked if he wanted them run as three columns, or one column. He said one. But they're formatted as separate columns. I don't feel like cutting together into a cohesive whole, so here's the second one...-Matt]

Another "Cerebus around the world and web" already? If I'm going to keep doing this I might need to come up with banner...also playing around with film poster ideas...

"This Is A Disaster" podcast spotlights "Cerebus", their song pick for the occasion "Fracture" by King Crimson

If Hollywood wanted to option something really good they would option Cerebus, according to Charles Evan, host of The Dinocast

"LondonSimples" says vlogger "ComicTropes" got him searching for Cerebus comics

Actor/Writer Mike Ciriaco (and host/head writer of the local Emmy award winning WeHoTV News) is searching for Cerebus High Society [Brian West, you should find him a link-Matt]
"TheSkyllion" speaking with legendary Kurt Busiek shares that his Cerebus comics were stolen:(

Cerebus pricing in discussion with legendary Erik Larsen

A stuffed Cerebus toy destroyed?:)

Augiewan shares his InkTobber drawings, including his Cerebus

"Copper Aged" shares Cerebus and Red Sophia comic panel

"Wikipedia Shuffler" spotlights Cerebus' past

Cerebus foretold?

"Cerebus Effect" is part of the current vernacular 

Menachem Luchins, owner of comic store "Escape Pod Comics", spoke with Dave and shares how Dave, of all people, has a better handle on working social media PR than most kids today.
I'm told that the column will appear possibly Sunday, so here is one more to be included.
Since I'm no longer posting these links every couple of days in Cerebus facebook group I figure I should maybe share a little bit what is going on over there over here since some folks like Jeff Seiler are very active here, but I'm not sure if he even sees what is going on there. Btw Jeff Seiler is incredible as Elrod in our film

In the Cerebus facebook group Rubin Miranda shares a Cerebus sculpt done on the spot at Long Island Comic Expo by Louis #shadowrabbit_clay_guy

also at his instagram account

Claude Parish shares his drawing of Cerebus

Legendary Bob Burden is selling Flaming Carrot art featuring Cerebus
FLAMING FRAME #112: Flaming Carrot and the Bandit Moons
Original Bob Burden artwork dimensions: 7-3/4" X 9-3/4"
Glow-In-The-Dark frame dimensions: 9-1/2" X 11-/2"
Price: $300
FREE S&H to east coast U.S. states
Cerebus on best ever list and called: "One of the most astounding achievements in all of comics-literature..."

And back to twitter:
Legendary Film Director Kevin Smith gets Cerebus advice from comic historian [And friend to the Blog. I've helped him move and stood up at his wedding and stuff -Matt] Kevin Kimmes

Cerebus and Spawn stuff (according to google Spanish translation)

And here's some Cerebus and Bone stuff

Kyle Pinion, Entertainment Editor at "The Comics Beat" shares Dave Sim, Scott McCloud, Bill of Rights history

Cerebus quoted Cerebus quoted here as well and here and yet here

Where there's Gustave there's Cerebus?

I don't remember seeing this "Cerebus in hell?" strip here, made me laugh

Well thanks Oliver! (Thoughts from the peanut gallery?)

Next Time: Something with VERY few links...


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Oliver, thank you. Much appreciated. Matt, you got it. Will connect Mr. Ciriaco with links to purchase High Society forthwith.

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