Friday, 1 November 2019

The following messages will be deleted... (Dave's Weekly Update #3110)

Hi, Everybody!


Darrell Epp 


House of Cerebus.

There are many(ish) Cerebus Mugs. This one is Larry Wooten's.

I'm selling these for $10 USD.
*Yeah, Jeff ain't got a link...

Next Time: a visit to THAT bit...


Jeff said...

Okay, it's *true*!

The cat (Dave was ghosting me by calling him Pood [I told Dave the story about the vet who insisted on calling my cat Pood]), is named Pud.

It's Pud, as in, "I tawt I taw a puddy-tat!"

But, seriously. Pud can be sacked OUT, and I get a phone call from Dave, or his voicemail message, and Pud jumps into my lap, bruising my balls.

Thanks, Dave!!! Pud LOVES you!

Jeff said...

I'm hoping that Dave will speak next week about the info that I sent to him several years ago about Mitchell and that guy whose name I have forgotten, but who may have been the guy on whom she based Colonel Butler.

Dave told me that my letter and the article *definitely* went into the Cerebus Archive.

Jeff said...

Ward Davis?