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Dave's Prayer

Hi, Everybody!

Silver Cerebus

So, somebody asked me if Dave's prayer from the back of issue #300 has ever run on the Blog, well, I can't find it, so:

In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the
Most Merciful:
There is no God but God
& Muhammad is His last messenger and seal
of prophets.
Almighty God
One God having One Name, One Face and One
Aspect which is God:
Glory to God in the Highest, Glory to God Most
God Who is the Most Gracious and the Most
Great is God and there is no other god but He.

Almighty God, I thank You for having revealed
Yourself to men.
I thank you for Your Presence in the world
and Your presence in my life
through Your Living Word, preserved for all
time within Your Sacred Scriptures;
Your Living Word which is like unto a shining
beacon, illuminating the path You have made
straight before me.

Almighty God, I thank You for the book of Genesis,
I thank You for the book of Exodus,
I thank You for the book of Leviticus,
I thank You for the book of Numbers,
I thank You for the book of Deuteronomy.
I thank You for these books and revelations which
You imparted to Your great prophet, Moshe
Peace be upon him.

I thank You for the book of Joshua,
I thank You for the book of Judges,
I thank You for the book of Samuel,
I thank You for the book of Kings,
I thank You for the book of Isaiah,
I thank You for the book of Jeremiah,
I thank You for the book of Ezekial,
I thank You for the book of Hosea,
I thank You for the book of Joel,
I thank You for the book of Amos,
I thank You for the book of Obadiah,
I thank You for the book of Jonah,
I thank You for the book of Micah,
I thank You for the book of Nahum,
I thank You for the book of Habakkuk,
I thank You for the book of Zephaniah,
I thank You for the book of Haggai,
I thank You for the book of Zechariah,
I thank You for the book of Malachi,

I thank You for the testimony and the records
of these prophets and messengers to
Your Chosen People,
Peace be upon them.

I thank You for the Gospel according to Matthew,
I thank You for the Gospel according to Mark,
I thank You for the Gospel according to Luke,
I thank You for the Gospel according to John,
Peace be upon them

I thank you for the testimonies and the records
of Jesus, the Lamb of God,
Peace be upon him.

I thank You for the Acts of the Apostles,
I thank You for the Epistles of Paul,
I thank You for the testimony of the disciples,
I thank You for the Revelation of John.
Peace be upon them.

And I thank you for your glorious Koran.

Almighty God, after the instruction of Your
last messenger and seal of prophets,
Muhammad, peace be upon him,
who counselled that a man must submit himself
to the Will of God, wilfully and peacefully, I
renew my vow (this morning) that I do so: that
I submit myself to You and I submit myself to
Your Will. If it be Your Will, please grant that
I might be brought to the fulfillment whish
You intended for me from before my birth.

Glory to God in the highest, Glory to God
Most High, God who is the Most Gracious and
the Most Merciful, Great is God and there is
no other God but He. God Who created all
the worlds and all the heavens, God Who is
the only Source of salvation, God Who is the
only Hope of redemption, God Who is the only
good, God Who is my only sanctuary, God
Who is my only safe harbour from the storm.
Glory to God in the highest, glory to God most
In excelsis Deo.

Almighty God, I thank you for allowing me to
be born in Canada in the last half of the
twentieth century: pampered, coddled,
insulated, sheltered and protected
from so much of the world's genuine hardship
& pain, misery & strife, famine & poverty,
disease & dispair, hunger & need, want &
dread, fear & violence, suppression &
oppression which are the yoke & the burden
under which so much of the world's
population yet labours.

Through these sufferings are the dust of this
earth -- from dust they came and to dust they
will return -- still I know that I have been
spared them, only by Your Grace and by Your
Mercy, and I am profoundly grateful to You
for that.

May God's will be done in the earth, and on
the earth, as it is in all the worlds and all the

Glory to God in the highest, Glory to God
Most High, God who is the Most Gracious
and Most Merciful, Great is God and there is
no other god but He. God Who created all the
worlds and all the heavens, God Who is the
only Source of salvation, God Who is the
only Hope of redemption, God Who is the only
good, God Who is my only sanctuary, God
who is my only safe harbour from the storm.
Glory to God in the highest, glory to God
most high,
In excelsis Deo.

Almighty God, if I am worthy of forgiveness
in Your Eyes, I ask forgiveness of my many
sins, transgressions, iniquities and vanities
which are abomination before your Eternal
Laws, Morals and Ethics. If I am worthy
of forgiveness in Your Eyes, I ask forgiveness
for all my sins of commission and of
omission: those sins which I have
committed and which I commit, out of
wilfulness, out of ignorance,
out of spite, out of misery, out of
self-absobtion, out of self-pity,
out of self-destructiveness or out of
misundertsanding or
misconstruing Your Living Word.

Almighty God, I accept all consequences and
repercussions of my own choices, decisions,
self-imposed inadequacies, actions, deeds,
words and works. For God is the Sure Judge
over all the earth and all the worlds and all
the heavens, slow to anger, measured and
temperate in Your Judgements, sparing and
merciful in Your chastisements.

Glory to God in the highest, Glory to God
Most High, God who is the Most Gracious and
the Most Merciful, Great is God and there is
no other God but He. God Who created all
the worlds and all the heavens, God Who is
the only Source of salvation, God Who is the
only Hope of redemption, God Who is the only
good, God Who is my only sanctuary, God
Who is my only safe harbour from the storm.
Glory to God in the highest, glory to God most
In excelsis Deo.

Almighty God, I commend into Your Care and
Your Custody, my soul, my mind and my
heart, knowing as I do so that free will is
God's greatest gift to man. And while I
entrust myself only to You and while I trust
only You, still I know that there are choices
and decisions which lie before me in my life
which are mine alone to make. If it be Your
Will, please grant that those choices and
decisions might be informed by the common
sense, the good judgement and what wisdom
You have seen fit to bestow upon me, by Your
Grace and by Your Mercy.

Glory to God in the highest, Glory to God
Most High, God who is the Most Gracious
and Most Merciful, Great is God and there is
no other god but He. God Who created all the
worlds and all the heavens, God Who is the
only source of salvation, God Who is the only
hope of redemption, God Who is the only
good, God Who is my only sanctuary, God
who is my only safe harbour from the storm.
Glory to God in the highest, glory to God
most high,
In excelsis Deo.

Almighty God, I also renew my vow (this
morning) that I will never again marry and I
will never again cohabit with a woman. I vow
further to exercise all caution , all restraint, all
common sense, all good judgement and what
wisdom You have seen fit to bestow upon me,
by Your Grace and by Your Mercy and to
exercise all these to the utmost in all of my
dealings with womankind.

Glory to God in the highest, Glory to God
most High, God who is the Most Gracious and
the Most Merciful, Great is God and there is
no other God but He. God Who created all the
worlds and all the heavens, God who is the
only Source of salvation, God who is the only
Hope of redemption, God who is the only
good, God Who is my only sanctuary, God
who is my only safe harbour from the storm.
Glory to God in the highest, glory to God
most high,
In excelsis Deo.


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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Cerebus Around the World and Web #5 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

The Silver Cerebus

Oliver's back! And he asked me to try not embeding the links, so this one's gonna  be a whole lot easier for me...

Oliver Simonsen:

Been thinking of banner ideas...maybe a video intro instead? (From the upcoming Cerebus Film - oh great now everybody will want the whole thing to be 2D. Way to promote a CGI film:))

Christmas Cerebus toy?

Marvel to emulate Cerebus?

BBC and Cerebus

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cerebus

Todd McFarlane and Cerebus

Punisher and Cerebus

Wolverine and Cerebus

Sandman and Cerebus

New episode of the Star Wars podcast "Jedi Journals" and the "Cerebus in hell?" issue "Vark Wars"
[I listened to the bits about comics, they don't discuss Vark Wars -Matt]

Enjoying Cerebus promo pieces

Jonesing for "Cerebus in hell?"


Author review and Cerebus reference

Cerebus reread a lot
a whole lot
so much

New indie book and that Cerebus / Bone / Elfquest level

Just read Cerebus volume 7 and 8 and about to start on 9 [Yeah, I know this one doesn't work, my usual workaround hasn't turned up the correct post. (Sorry?) -Matt]
[Click for detail -Matt]

There's always buyers of later Cerebus

Just bought Cerebus

Quoting Dave Sim

Dave Sim quoted

Dave Sim called

Cerebus Syndrome

Cerebus "motion comic"

Cerebus and Red Sonja...or Sophia?

A more risque one [I can't copy that one and post it here, I DID try...-Matt]

Cerebus and Spawn drawing

Cerebus headshot drawing

He read all of Cerebus
And any day now

Bought Cerebus High Society

The French love Cerebus

And now a word from our sponsor


Thanks Oliver!

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Saturday, 7 December 2019

"We're Sorry, The Person You're Holding For Is Unavalible Or Out Of Service" Please Hold For Dave Sim December 2019

Hi, Everybody!

As we do: The Silver Cerebus

So it's the first Saturday of the Month, which means that Dave called on Thursday right?

Well, in a word: no.

Dave seems to be experiencing a very difficult time right now. He has identified whatever it is that is occurring as being the same as what happened to him between December 2006 and February 2007, where he was incapacitated for several months and had virtually no uninterrupted sleep.

He talked about it back then in the Blog & Mail:
It's certainly interesting doing these commissioned pieces. I mean, on the one hand it makes me feel like a much older artist than the fifty year-old that I am. Commissions are sort of an Legendary Veteran kind of thing, but then being the Pariah King of Comics puts you in various contexts that you might otherwise not be in. Producer of Commissioned Work being one of them (although I've yet to tie it in with my discussions with Chester about prostitution). The interesting part is that I end up drawing things that I would never in a million years choose to draw on my own. It's no big secret that I am definitely not in the Star Wars fan category. I had gone to see the first film when it came out and loved it (more vicariously through Gene Day who L*O*V*E*D IT) and then went to see the second film when it came out and, well, that was it for me. I went to see the last instalment when that came out a couple of summers ago, part of me wondering, "How did I get so easily put off by these things? Wasn't there enough Gene Day Juice in the first one to keep me coming out to see every one of the films the day it was released?" The answer came at some point in that final instalment when Yoda showed up on the screen. Oh, right. Fozzy Bear. Frank Oz doing his Fozzy Bear voice with that strange syntax. That was what had done it all right. My willing suspension of disbelief went from willing to unwilling the moment I was being asked to accept a Muppet with Fozzy Bear's voice as a Jedi Master. Mm. Sorry. No can do.

No offence to all the Star Wars fans who are legion in the ranks of the Cerebus Yahoos, but that was it.

So it was interesting going to get reference at the library for the piece. There was a picture book that was just tailor-made for my purposes, Star Wars The Visual Dictionary (D.K. Publishing Inc.). Big display publicity shot of Harrison Ford from the first movie looking as if George Lucas is somewhere off-camera explaining to him exactly how to pose as Flash Gordon as drawn by Al Williamson. This was one of those "luck of the draw" things for John H. that he was asking for a Star Wars commission and that Al Williamson had drawn the original Star Wars newspaper strip. I would get a chance to do my best Al Williamson impression on the page and John was pretty much guaranteed to get a much nicer drawing as a result as I tried to impress my inner Al Williamson.

I had already warned John over the phone that Cerebus as Han Solo was going to pose some difficulties since Han Solo is a distinctly vertical figure. The more vertical a character is, visually, the more difficult it is to compress him to Cerebus size. The leg holster was a good example. It was either going to be too large if I drew the blaster accurately, taking up most if not all of Cerebus' leg, or it would look like a toy if I drew it to Cerebus scale. The Flash Gordon jackboots are a big part of the look and there was no way to do them on the shape of Cerebus' leg. The best I could manage was shiny leggings. John expressed confidence in whatever solutions I came up with. "At least he has the same vest," he said hopefully. Han Solo had a Cerebus vest? Sure enough when I got the book out—cut differently but definitely a black vest.

Anyway, this serendipitous publicity shot of Harrison Ford looking exactly like an Al Williamson Flash Gordon pushed me in an entirely different direction. I just HAD to use the whole thing and traced it off in short order manufacturing my rationalization as I went. What if Cerebus is using the legs as stilts? That way I could draw the legs and boots as much like Al Williamson as I wanted and it would look kind of funny to have Cerebus' own legs bulging up Harrison Ford's svelte waistline. I even decided to include Harrison Ford's hair as if someone had taken extraordinary pains to make this aardvark character look as much like the actor as possible. I tightened up the figure in pencil on tracing paper and got out a sheet of 11 x 17 S-172 artboard to figure out how much space he was going to take up.

That was when I noticed that the book had a nice Star Wars logo in gold against a white backdrop, which meant that I could trace it off without even shooting a photocopy. It only took a few minutes to change Star Wars to Vark Wars. Then it was time for Jaka as Princess Leia. I tried the traditional all-white robe and the hairstyle that looked like two cheese Danish stuck on either side of her head from the first movie. It just didn't work for me somehow. It was hard to tell why. The basic answer is that the outfit is pretty much featureless—a nun's habit is more distinctive!—and it was pretty much tailored to Carrie Fisher's body type which is very different from Jaka's body type. I could trace off the publicity photo in the book, but pretty much everything would have to be redrawn anyway including the posture of the figure. What a strange outfit. Did they cast Carrie Fisher before they designed the costume? These are the sorts of questions you find yourself asking yourself when you're hip-deep in a strange commission and mentally analyzing the physical components. Under what other circumstances would Dave Sim find himself asking himself if Carrie Fisher or her costume came first in the first Star Wars movie?

On the facing page was a smaller shot of Carrie Fisher dressed as Jabba the Hutt's slave girl. It certainly seemed more suited to Jaka with her dancer costumes (and I suspect if your average Star Wars fan was to choose a favourite Princess Leia outfit the slave girl outfit would be the one) (I wonder how many slave girl publicity stills Carrie Fisher sells versus the other publicity stills at show signings these days?). This raised even more layers of speculation that I had no idea I had inside of me. How did George Lucas talk Carrie Fisher into the slave girl thing? I mean, that was pretty far along in the series and presumably Carrie Fisher was still thinking and hoping that this Star Wars gig might be a stepping stone to other roles in "major motion pictures". "Barely there" costumes are not exactly something with which actresses with hard-won screen cred are known to willingly associate. Did he just blindside her with the script? Throw it onto her front steps in the middle of the night? PRINCESS LEIA DRESSED AS SLAVE GIRL ENTERS FROM RIGHT OF SCENE. When did she first get a good look at the costume? Did she call George Lucas up screaming? Can you even do that to George Lucas or did everyone have a "Whatever George wants George gets" clause in their contract? That might explain my favourite Harrison Ford quote where he said that George Lucas should be tied to a chair and forced to read his own dialogue out loud.

Where was I dredging all this stuff up from?

Were there negotiations about how much skin would be showing? Or was the outfit just presented as a fait accompli? I mean, it's a very good costume, based solidly in the Alex Raymond/Dale Arden mode (I assume it was one of the things on George Lucas' mental checklist) but with all of the high-end Hollywood costume artistry brought to bear. "Here's Alex Raymond/Dale Arden and here's Carrie Fisher's body type. Now, how do we do work them both in?" Pretty flawlessly, I would say. In the publicity shot she certainly doesn't look very happy (which I suppose could be just "in character" for a slave girl). Looks like she had to work out pretty hard to get that toned. How old was she at that time? Early thirties? No love handles, no pot belly. She did a great job.

As I say, it's bizarre what goes through your mind when you actually work on something like this. In the same vein, it was an unexpectedly happy nostalgia jolt to have John Williams' Star Wars soundtrack running through my head for days on end. Took me right back to 1978-79 when that was what you listened to most mornings at Gene Day's studio in Gananoque. "What'll it be? John Williams' Star Wars soundtrack or John Williams' Superman soundtrack?" It certainly made writing and drawing comic books seem incredibly heroic at the time.

I really have to give George Lucas credit as a thorough-going storyteller, assuming that all of the detailed information included in this book came from him personally. I mean, I'm probably just outside the loop, but I had no idea that that broken red racing stripe on the side of Han Solo's pants is a "Corellian blood stripe" or that his belt is equipped with a Droid caller and blaster power cell. Or that the blaster consists of a scope, enhanced blast delivery circuits, power pack release lever, low power pulse warning, power pack, cooling unit, final stage collimator (with "puree" setting?) and flash suppressor. Or that it's officially a DL-44 pistol. I think I managed to get them all on there, although I'll frankly admit that the proportions are probably off by quite a bit.

Anyway, I did a quick Jaka as Jabba the Hutt slave girl drawing on tracing paper and then reduced it a bit on the photocopier so she didn't look TOO much larger than Han Solo (although I did want her to look larger—this is, after all, Cerebus and Jaka), turned over the photocopy on the light table to trace off onto another piece of tracing paper…
…and the next day promptly fell ill for nearly a month.

Shall a bore you with my illness? Not the Full Horror Story. I'm saving that one. But just the sheer surprise that I had never been through anything like this before. All of my recent experience of the last twenty years or so has been that when you feel sick the best thing to do is to just go straight to bed for twenty-four hours. My experience has been that if you catch it early in the gestation, you sleep and let your body—by itself—get rid of the virus or whatever it is. Usually involves staying as warm as possible in bed and letting that body warmth crest until the fever breaks (that is, you wake up bathed in sweat from head to foot, towel off, change night clothes and go back to sleep for another six to eight hours). Worked like a charm for years. The difference this time was that I went to bed but I didn't sleep. I didn't really even notice that I didn't sleep (which was very weird in itself). I also couldn't get my body temperature to go up no matter how many night clothes I put on (up to and including my winter coat). So I just had this feverish weight on my brain that made even basic thought processes really difficult and then virtually impossible but which just stayed up there on my scalp and refused to come down into the rest of my body. Since I run on my thought processes this posed no small problem. The biggest concern, as always, was my prayer times and for a couple of days I struggled out of bed and attempted the ritual ablutions and changing into my prayer clothes and kneeling down until that just became impossible and I would, instead, just lie in bed with my hands crossed over my chest and recite my prayer. With my impossibly slowed-down thought processes it took me about a week to realize exactly how strange this ailment was. It did finally dawn on me that this was something that I had speculated about. What happens when you get too old and you can no longer kneel down to pray? My assumption was that you just lie in bed and pray that way (but how interesting to be that close to The End: "I'll never actually kneel down to pray again"). So, the strange ailment suddenly became a dress rehearsal for my own Last Days. And then I started wondering—with my incredibly slowed down thought processes (a stroke? A brain tumour?) if it was a dress rehearsal or if this was the real thing. I found that either way I was fine with it. Obviously swimming upstream every day of your life as the Pariah King of Comics can get to be a drag and the idea that I might just be headed down the exit ramp was fine by me. "If I keep going downhill like this, I could actually be Out of Here by the end of January."

Cool beans!

There really wasn't much that I could do, so I'd recite my prayer and when I was done, I'd recite it again. I'd drift off for strange brief periods like ten minutes or twelve minutes and then snap wide awake. It was only two weeks in where I had actually managed one morning to sleep for a two-hour stretch—what a sense of accomplishment!—that it sunk in exactly how strange this ailment was. "I've basically been wide awake for two weeks." My mind and brain were really, really slow but at that point I started wondering (really, really slowly) about sleep deprivation. I mean it isn't natural to not sleep for two weeks but it's even more unnatural to not really feel any ill effects from it. No delusions, no hallucinations, no light-strobing in the corner of your eyes, no paranoia. Just really, really slow thought processes. I never doubted my faith in God or came anywhere close to recrimination against God ("God, after all my faith and prayers how can you DO this to me?"). It seems to me one of those things about faith in God that the more you have the more you pretty much anticipate that life is going to be something of an ordeal when the time comes for that. The Job Rule seems to me to always be in effect. The more you have absolute faith in God, the more you become a potential contending ground against God's adversary. "Sure he's got faith in You now, but take away his ability to think, take away his health, his mobility and see how much faith he has then." Well, quite simply it didn't work. "Unto death" was my simple response. If that's what this was: I was dying of a stroke or a brain tumour then that's what it was. It would be hard not to see it as a failing grade on my report card being that abrupt: I had guessed wrong too many times, had written way too many controversial Blog & Mails in way too short a space of time and now I was being taken out of the game because I was over-throwing all my pitches. Trying too hard and missing. Well, so be it. I had no cause for complaint. Especially in the last ten years of my life, I had made each of my own calls every step along the way. People had tried to get in the way and tried to coerce me into different paths but I couldn't say with a straight face that any of them had had any success. No, all of my decisions were my decisions. "Dave Sim Fails at Fifty." Well, okay, Dave Sim fails at fifty.

What was interesting was that this was also my first month running Aardvark-Vanaheim completely on my own with Ger's decision to leave the company at the end of 2006. I suspect that might have been part of God's point: even with my diminished capacity where I had to plan one or two half hour stints per day a day ahead of time just getting the basics done—bills still had to get paid, invoices had to be sent out, the mail still needed to be picked up—I was able to run Aardvark-Vanaheim even though I was flat on my back for the better part of a month. I shepherded the first printing of a Cerebus trade paperback anywhere outside of Preney Print & Litho. A FedEx package came in containing three copies of the fourth printing of Form & Void from Lebonfon in Montreal—and they did an excellent job! The mail piled up. I'd take a cab to the post office and back once a week (I'm putting on my coat and the scarf Linda Parker knitted me. I'm standing in the doorway waiting for the cab. I WILL remain vertical and I WILL walk out to the cab and get in when it gets here) and just pull out the cheques and the bills that needed to be dealt with. Mid-month was about the worst: it actually took me the better part of an hour to write four cheques, put them in envelopes and put postage on them. Mid-month I'd get the newspaper in the morning and force myself to read the headlines on the front page until I understood what they said. Then I'd flip through the front section in about ten seconds and go back to bed where I would lie awake repeating my prayer over and over and having these weird eight to ten minute naps every two hours or so.

Finally, whatever the mystery ailment was was…well, not gone, but no longer had a stranglehold on me…and about two o'clock one morning in the third week, I went upstairs and started tracing the Jaka figure for the commissioned piece. What an adventure that turned out to be. I had to do everything at least eight times before it was even remotely close to what I intended. "It's a picture of Jaka, Dave. You can draw Jaka in your sleep." Maybe so, but this morning? Not so much.

It was interesting because by that point I had such a clear mental image of what the piece was supposed to look like that it became hard to tell if I was doing everything eight times because I was still sick and incompetent or if I was doing everything eight times because I wasn't going to rest until this picture looked exactly the way it did in my mind's eye. I had done the "Vark Wars" lettering in a double outline, as an example, and intended to colour between the two lines. As I looked at it, though, I could see that the space for the outline was off about a sixteenth of an inch. It needed to be a little bit wider. Not too wide. I didn't want the lettering to be the first thing you saw. I wanted the first impression to be of a nice Al Williamson splash panel. Only once that had registered did I want the viewer to see the "Vark Wars" lettering. I don't know how long it actually took me to expand that outline by a sixteenth of an inch, but it definitely took a while. Then I filled in all of the areas where the space backdrop would show through with brushed in solid black—as close to the pencil lines as I could get—and then filled in the remaining spaces with a Hunt 102 instead of a rapidograph. Using a Hunt 102 to fill in solid blacks. Only a very sick and/or very obsessive person could come up with something like that and stick with it, but I wanted every straight edge as straight as an arrow. My inner Al Williamson was watching closely. I wanted every corner as sharp as I could get it, coming to a precise point with no extraneous line intruding or extending beyond where it was supposed to be. I was also determined not to have to white anything out. I was aiming for an Al Williamson level of accuracy and precision and I can't think of a higher level of accuracy and precision than that. I forget how long that took. I also made the choice to not outline the Vark Wars lettering in black which added a whole other level of precision to the inking stage. I forget how long that took. I remember it took the better part of a day to colour Jaka's fleshtones, adding layer upon layer of light orange, pink, pink and yellow blended, building it up and building it up. Bright! Brighter! Brightest! Al Williamson Bright! After a month you forget how good it feels to be actually drawing and to have the picture coming out right how it would colour your entire day so you didn't even think about strokes and brain tumours. I'd just sit and look at it while I was getting my shoes on (which meant I had plenty of time: putting on my shoes took a while) or waiting for a cab or getting ready to actually walk downtown on one of my "half-hour of health" sojourns. Looking at all the sharp lines, looking at that bright colour of Jaka's fleshtone and the pretty close match on the slave girl skirt colour.

"Don't screw it up, now" I'd think, looking at everything else that needed to be done.

John had asked when I wanted to get paid and I told him to send a cheque. The cheque came in Monday and at that point there was a sense of obligation. Nothing worse than getting paid for a piece and to have it sitting there three quarters done. What if I have a relapse? So I spent most of Monday working on it. I mean, literally most of Monday. I woke up almost exactly at midnight with the Sabbath over and I went out and sat down and worked on it, inch by painstaking inch from midnight to roughly three-thirty when the newspaper arrived which I was finally able to read from front to back while resting in bed. Apart from picking up the mail, I had nothing planned for my "half hours of health" on Monday, so I alternated resting in bed (and actually sleeping for a change!) with each inch by painstaking inch of the picture. And then, unbelievably, twenty-two hours later it was done. And apart from a few minor glitches, it was about as precise and accurate a piece of work as I've ever done.

In fact, I'm so pleased with it, that I decided to make it this year's Thanks for Showing Up Print at SPACE in Columbus, Ohio (i.e. it will only be available at the show). I'm getting 50 high quality cardstock colour photocopies done of it and I'm going to sign and number them and sell them exclusively at SPACE for $20 each. Except the #1 out of 50 which I'm going to auction on eBay. If I have any of them left over, I'll sell the remainder at Torontocon.

Just called and told John Higashi that his commission is done and chatted with him a bit about his art collection. Has he gotten a lot of these Star Wars commissions done? Turns out he's been collecting them since 2000 and at this point he has (get this) SIX HUNDRED individual Star Wars pieces that he's commissioned. You think I'm kidding? Click on and then type in "higashi" and he tells me that you can see just about all of them. Since I know most of the Cerebus Yahoos are raving Star Wars fans as well, I figured I better mention it.

It's a funny thing about drawing. It exists in a world all its own. Out of the six thousand pages of Cerebus, I can tell you what was happening in my life on the day I drew the page with maybe a half dozen of them. If that.

I wonder if that will be true of the Sickbed Star Wars Commission? Probably not, now that I've told the whole story here. But I've forgotten other pages that I thought I would always associate with specific events.

And, at one point in the depths of my feverishness I thought, "Lord Julius as a WOOKIE!" Now I'm never going to my final rest in peace until I get THAT one out of my system.

Okay, so here I am approximately a month late on my commissioned drawings. James S. of New Jersey has been patiently waiting to see if he's going to get his own version of "Cerebus standing on top of a pile of dead super-heroes" ("Bonfire of the Super-Heroes Revisited" I guess we'll call this one) with Cerebus thinking to himself "That was a lot easier than Cerebus thought" which, ordinarily, I would have had done by now, so we're going to give James a lock on the End of February. That means the next available slot is the End of March and according to what I've got here, so far Katrina has the highest offer with $850 for a recreation of the Flight trade paperback cover. If you want to offer more than that for your own commissioned piece, give me a call at 519.576.0610. If I'm not here, leave a message and a phone number where I can reach you to let you know where you stand on the bidding up to the March 15 deadline.
Ah yes, back when the hand worked.

So I faxed all that up to Dave, and he responded:

 Sick Dave got it wrong. Cerebus was revealed to be 26 in issue #5, not #12 (that was where Cerebus turned 27.)

Issue five

Issue twelve
I got all the questions everybody sent in, and they'll be answered (God willing) next month.

Next Time: In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Friday, 6 December 2019

SILVER CEREBUS (Dave's Weekly Update #316)

Hi, Everybody!


The Silver Cerebus

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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Trail of the Albatross

A few years ago I scanned all of Dave Sim's notebooks. He had filled 36 notebooks during the years he created the monthly Cerebus series, covering issues #20 to 300, plus the other side items -- like the Epic stories, posters and prints, convention speeches etc. A total of 3,281 notebook pages detailing his creative process. I never really got the time to study the notebooks when I had them. Just did a quick look, scanned them in and sent them back to Dave as soon as possible. So this regular column is a chance for me to look through those scans and highlight some of the more interesting pages.

Another look at Dave Sim's first Cerebus notebook, which we just saw in last week's The Way to Sannozay. Why? Because of (American) Thanksgiving holiday break, and 4 home games in 7 days - a game every day - and another Bruins event this week means time to write this column is short.
How about a quick sketch by Dave:

Notebook 1, page 168
Or perhaps some sketches of Mary Astor, the precursor to Astoria:

Notebook 1, page 184
And if Elrod is the thin man, does that make Astoria Nora Charles?

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Benjamin Hobbs:

Last week VARK WARS #1 came out, however all the contributors had their copies a month early.

"Manly" Matt Dow was kind enough to send me this signed edition:

It reads, "To Ben, Make VARK LOVE, NOT VARK WAR!"

And it had this certificate of authenticity:
Full color and on sturdy paper. Impressive!

So I defaced a copy of VARK WARS #1 and sent it to him (the insides of this copy can be seen HERE) :


I included this Certificate of Authenticness:

Printed in cheap black and white on the flimsiest paper for easy forging. You're welcome.

Feel free to print out this certificate and bootleg as many "halo" editions of VARK WARS #1 as you want. If anyone asks me, I'll vouch for the authenticity of any copy.  Just remember, each one you fake devalues "Manly" Matt's copy just a LITTLE bit more, so make as many as you can.

Next time: House of Cerebus masthead nit-pickiness.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

"And be grateful that I don't have you ARRESTED, urchin...!"

Hi, Everybody!

The Silver Cerebus

And Dave's calling on Thursday. Get your questions in., or just comment here.

First This, then:

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Monday, 2 December 2019

An early Christmas present, just for you....

Hi, Everybody!

The Silver Cerebus

And Dave's calling on Thursday. Get your questions in., or just comment here.

Well, I got nothing.

Nothing in the Ol' AMOC Mailbag.

Nothing pressing from Up North.

And, I don't really wanna spoil Vark Wars 2: The Wrath of Kahn. (Okay, little tease):
"Matt hard at work" OR: "What's a 'Star Wars'?"
 So, here's my script:
Strip #1:
Inset panel in panel one: A comet or meteor shooting through the sky crashing into the ground. SFX on bottom of inset: BOOM
Panel one: A smoking crater in hell (I'd use the Nietzsche panel and take him out.) with two black half circles rising out of it. Robotic caption: It's a world of hopes And a world of fears
Panel two: The black circles have risen out of the crater, and revealed themselves as an Imperial Probe Droid with Mickey Mouse ears. It’s hands end in Mickey Mouse gloves. Robotic caption: There's so much that we share That it's time we're aware It's a small world after all
Panel three: Close-up of Batvark looking through binoculars. The Imperial Probe Droid is reflected in the binoculars. Robotic caption reflected in binoculars: dlrow llams ,llams a s'tI ,lla retfa dlrow llams a s'tI ,lla retfa dlrow llams a s'tI ,lla retfa dlrow llams a s'tI
Panel four: Close-up Batvark with the binoculars lowered. Caption Batvark: Well shit....
After-gag: As if burning for eternity wasn't bad enough without THAT stuck in your head!
And then, there was my "storyboard":
Click for something that starts with "Aw"-ness ("Awful" "Awesome" you decide....)
 And then here's the "completed" strip*:

Click for the glory!
Merry Christmas One and All!**

Okay, see ya tomorrow!

Next Time: High Society?
*Nothing's completed until Dave signs off.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Cerebus Around the World and Web #4 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

The Silver Cerebus

And Dave's calling on Thursday. Get your questions in., or just comment here.

Oliver Simonsen:
"Scotchscotchscotch...where is Cerebus' buggid o' scotch?"
Still working on a CATWAW (Cerebus Around The World And Web) banner....

RIP Howard Cruse:(. He was kind enough to give my comic a blurb waybackwhen and we even worked on an animated short based on one of his comics. It was in the end too difficult to do two projects (actually 3 as we were working on Lafler's BugHouse as well). So the idea was to wait till we finished the Cerebus film which we had already started...and taking much longer than expected.

There's a Rolling Stones "Best Comics" list dated Nov 16 2019 making the rounds and according to our investigative reporting it's the same as this one shared on this very blog back in 2014
and the link in the 2014 blog post goes to the list now dated November of this year. An updated version perhaps?

At least it's still there. (I was going to use this occasion to share my old list of "best comics" lists that Cerebus appears on, but so many of the sites don't exist anymore)

How Dave Sim did 300 issues? [Not quite true, Dave did A LOT of Cerebus stoned, but had quit before the end.-Matt]

Bleeding Cool spotlighting Savage Dragon #250: " seems likely that if anybody is going to surpass Sim as a writer/artist who basically conjured an independent book out of thin air for 300 issues, it would be Larsen." [Oliver provided a link to]
Superman and "Cerebus Syndrome"

"Harvey Street Kids" and "Cerebus Syndrome" or "Cerebus coaster"?

Todd from Cerebus
Cerebus and Spawn

Cerebus in Spawn

VARK WARS is now in stores! A break out hit in the "Cerebus in hell?" series and already spawning sequels.

[Brian sent me this pic and: "Hey Matt, I did what you had suggested at the blog and bought extra copies of VARK WARS #1 in my VARK WARS gear. Have a look.  Happy VARKSgiving!"-Matt]

There's nothing else like "CiH?" in comic stores as it has defied expectations and now in it's third year already, longer than just about any other indie comic. A testament to the ingeniousness of Dave and his crew. I have nothing to do with the series, except for this one issue - I'm humbled and consider myself honored and very lucky to have a strip featured.

The VARK WARS sequels are being penned mostly by Matt Dow and who I can attest does very funny scifi from when my "Heavy Metal comedy scifi mag" was in the works.

I see now Heavy Metal has actually it's own "scifi comedy mag" version with "Soft Wood" and it is a smash hit.

Jeff Seiler is in love with a Cerebus fan

A Cerebus demon reference in Neil Gaiman's Amazon Prime series "Good Omens"? Gaiman supports Dave on Patreon and is an old friend. Jeff Seiler mentioned the Cerebus reference in "Good Omens" a couple of weeks ago in the comments of this very column

Then Gabriel McCann also mentioned it in the Cerebus Official Facebook Group and a fun debate ensued that has since been deleted. Is the reference a stretch? It was pointed out by Larry Wooten that Marvel's homage to Cerebus, the character Sy'm, was a demon. I'm pretty sure Neil Gaiman was asked on twitter whether he was referring to Cerebus or not and has not given a reply as far as I know. I seem to remember quite a few in fact in the twitterverse taking it as a nod to Cerebus.

Speaking of Gabe, who came to visit me from Australia and who I met via the Cerebus facebook group - here are a couple more pics of our time together. Friends through Cerebus!! Here he is in the Bradbury building where the Blade Runner story took place in November 2019, as all good comic book folks know as we are now in December the film is set in the past.

And here he is in front of the Bat Cave from the 60s TV show and yes that is the view of the Hollywood sign from the Bat Cave.

Here we are in Venice chilling with Snoopy (he's in the glass)

Snoopy in his scotch! Well, that's just wrong. Now if you want a Cerebus figurine in your scotch you are in luck because Zeke Szabolcs will soon have them available for sale.

Dave has given the go ahead and will get a percentage of the proceeds.

It was originally to be sold with IDW's unique multi-media format "The Cerebus: High Society Digital Audio/Visual Experience". Since it got the approval of both Dave Sim and IDW that makes it I reckon the FIRST OFFICIAL Cerebus figurine - and this long awaited figurine will now finally be available for sale!! 

Zeke is currently working on a "You Don't Know Jack" pitch/trailer based on a concept by Dave Sim.( "You Don't know Jack" is the "Strange Death of Alex Raymond" spin off comic by Dave Sim and Carson Grubaugh - both comics to be released next year I believe?)

A look at the Cerebus card game Diamondback and the comics themselves

TV Producer Adam Barkin was first and foremost a Cerebus fan, but the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" episode of "The toys that made us" got him choked up.

Cerebus and the Far Side

None rank as high as Cerebus

Cerebus lettering unmatched

Favorite homage cover is Cerebus

Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Here's from "War of the Independents" by Dave Ryan and various artists, published by Red Anvil Press. With the blessing of the creators of all the characters involved it was a comic series featuring almost every indie character in a huge crossover quest story as they searched for Cerebus' helmet. 

My character Captain Zap (and his sidekicks "A-1 the robot" and "Polly the Bird") were featured in issue #4, here illustrated by none other than Don Simpson himself.

Cerebus on list of "Five Things to be Thankful For". (Thank you Larry Wooten!)
From the article: "...a masterpiece. It remains one of the towering achievements in the field" "...of late it seems to be regaining some of its tarnished reputation." "I’ve seen quite a few “Best Comics Ever” lists recently (those tend to proliferate at the end of a decade), and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how often Dave Sim and Cerebus are mentioned."

Dave Sim contribution (Spanish google translation)

Cerebus clarification

Cerebus displayed

Cerebus displayed in French

Cerebus fan draws Cerebus
and here

Dion Turner draws "Vark and Morty" with accompanying text:)

....And then we're gonna go on even MORE adventures after that, Morty. And you're gonna keep your MOUTH SHUT about it, Morty...
..because the world is full of idiots that don't understand what's important. And they'll TEAR us apart, Morty!!
But if you stick with Vark, Vark is gonna accomplish great things, Morty, and you're gonna be part of 'em.
And together we're gonna run around, Morty, we're gonna... do all kinds of wonderful things, Morty. Just you and me, Morty. The outside world is our enemy, Morty... we're the only.... friends we've got, Morty! It's just Vark and Morty. Vark and Morty and their adventures, Morty.. VARK AND MORTY FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Vark and Morty.. some...things.. Vark and Vark and Morty runnin' around and... Vark and Morty time... a- all day long forever.. all a - a hundred days Vark and Morty! forever a hundred times.... OVER and over Vark and Morty... adventures dot com.. W W W dot at Vark and Morty dot com w..w..w... Vark and Morty adventures.. ah- hundred years..... every minute Vark and Morty dot com.... w w w a hundred times... Vark and Morty dot com......." [Edited to change to the third person in a few places- Matt]

Dave Sim and Gerhard on Cerebus are faves

Cerebus is daunting

Cerebus original art bought

Cerebus and Jaka "motion comic"

Alexander wants to read a classic

Cerebus foreign editions? High Society is available in Spanish, Italian and French

Thanks Oliver!

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