Sunday, 5 January 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #9 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody.

Before we get into it, Blair Kitchen, creator of The Possum, Friend to the Blog, and all around nice guy, has passed away.

From his Facebook:
For our friends and family who have been concerned about Blair. He developed a blood clot in his brain last Monday and has been in ICU. Unfortunately it caused extensive damage and he passed away just before 3am Jan 5th. I will post funeral details when I have them. Rochelle
My deepest condolences go out to Blair's family. I expect I'll be talking about this more tomorrow.

Oliver Simonsen:

Blair Kitchen RIP.
His wife Rochelle shared to facebook the extremely sad news of his passing this morning.

Blair Kitchen, who Dave Sim traditionally spends Christmas with, is the creator of the indie comic Possum. Blair's animation can currently be seen on the NetFlix show "Green Eggs and Ham" and he was working on a Possum animated film as well. He developed a blood clot last Monday. I posted about his incredible work just the day before at "A Moment of Cerebus"

Here Blair draws his character The Possum with Cerebus and some tiger.

Blair and his brother also did videos of their pilgrimage to see Dave Sim's last signing

And here is an interview with Blair Kitchen by Brian John Mitchell

I was thinking about doing a "Necross destroys the universe?" spin off long ago (Necross is only in issue #15, not counting when he appears as Thrunk). Here's a sketch that i posted in the Cerebus facebook group way back when

Will this be the year I finally do it? Nah...probably not:).

New Year resolution achieved. Kyle Pinion, Entertainment Editor at Comics Beat, read all 300 issues of Cerebus and concludes: "It’s the Ulysses of comics"

DC comics Editor Andy Khouri rereading Cerebus 

Top vlogger Comic Tropes looks back at Cerebus review

Multi Podcaster Ed Moore calls Cerebus top 5 best comic he read this year, maybe even this decade

Tim Benson of OmahaBound, producing and showcasing great art, is doing a Cerebus reread

A look back at when it all began. Podcaster: "Man, this is a stronger opening issue than I remembered. Very self assured."

High Society turning 30?

Cerebus alternate ending

Top comic news site Bleeding Cool spotlights splendid "Varking Dead - Cerebus in hell?" music video

Cerebus High Society, Church + State and world affairs

Cerebus talks like who?

Cerebus taverns

Cerebus says what?

Getting into Cerebus

Cerebus is comic and Graphic Novel?

Cerebus helped pave the way for Graphic Novels

"Cerebus in hell?" promotional strips shared by Robert Brian L. West
Maybe should do a film "Cerebus in Hollywood hell?" promotional strip...hmmm

A look back at 1986 on origin of the comics-as-literature movement and Cerebus

Cerebus is video game

Cerebus is "motion comic"

Cerebus and Spawn drawing progress by Allen Dunlap

Cerebus drawing by Justin 'Moritat'

Cerebus and Howard the Duck drawn by Dave Sim

Cerebus and the Conan and Red Sonja films

Cerebus, Sandman and Gary Groth

Cerebus and Spawn (thanks Spanish google translate)

Cerebus and Groo

Cerebus and MoonRoach

Cerebus published by Marvel

Cerebus record

A devout feminist Professor loves Cerebus

Cerebus hardcover

George Gatsis self promoter:)

Review of Cerebus Archive Number Five

Dion Turner asks and George Gatsis answers. All "Cerebus TV" episodes have been aired as reruns

Cerebus gets framed

Claude Parish shares the submission to Cerebus' Single Comic Page Feature and it's funny response


Cerebus remastered news:
Film critic and Editor at Comics Beat, Kyle Pinion, asks in his first Cerebus facebook group post:
Forgive me if this has been answered before, but is there a sense out there of when/if the High Society remastered edition is getting reprinted? I was angling to maybe replace all my phone books as I can.
The Cerebus remasterer himself, Sean Robinson, replies:
Working on the solicitation now! So it'll need a few months to go through the Diamond solicitation period. Will look super snazzy (20+ more pages of original art than previous edition, MUCH sharper printing w no dot gain, richer blacks, etc, just like the other new editions from the last two or three years).

Margaret Liss‎ shares Cerebus drawn by legend and fan Alex Toth. Toth is most known as Character Designer on shows like Scooby Doo, Space Ghost, Thundarr, Super Friends, Birdman etcetc

Also, see Toth's other drawing for Dave Sim where he writes: "We all love Cerebus ol' son" that appeared on the inside of the front cover of Swords of Cerebus volume 4. The link also features some panels of none other than Necross!

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: I remember Blair...


Oliver Simonsen said...

Animation Magazine has an article on Blair's passing

Lee Thacker said...

I'm both shocked and saddened to hear the news about Blair. What a terrible tragedy. My condolences to his friends and family.

Oliver Simonsen said...

Animation Xpress also has an article on the passing of the much-loved and respected animator, comic-book creator and educator

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Blair. Has Dave been informed?

Claude Flowers

Oliver Simonsen said...

I faxed him 45 minutes after Blair's wife Rochelle posted the sad news on facebook.

Tony Dunlop said...

All I know about Mr. Kitchen is what I've read on this blog, but this is devastating due to its sheer arbitrariness. This sort of thing can happen to anyone, at any time.
Don't hesitate to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you; better yet, show them. Every day.
Lord, have mercy.