Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Faxing fun! Featuring CEREBUS THE DUCK

Benjamin Hobbs:

Yesterday, Matt promised you the BEST post of 2020! So HERE IT IS!
I sent Dave a mock up for the cover for CEREBUS THE DUCK.  He sent this back:

Dave's been writing and faxing strips for CEREBUS THE DUCK since last week.  Monday, he sent this fax.
The "Master Strip" is a strip with four repeating panels on it that Dave pastes word balloons onto.  I sent this back. And then Dave replied on the same page:

It's unclear WHY I ended up with two copies of page 11. Dave sent the re-done page 10 and then sent this message:
Of course I sent Page 9 back to him.

Working with photocopiers and faxes sure is fun. 

Next Week: I have some stuff sitting around the office that I'll post.


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Wait, are the images of the strips just not loading for me?

*This* *Is* *So* *EXCITING*!!!


Birdsong said...
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Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Wait for it...