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Cerebus Around the World and Web #13 by Oliver Simonsen

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Green Dante/Green Virgil!

Cerebus Archive Number Eight: Women
____________________Oliver Simonsen:

All of mankind's evil foe, Nitup, is feeling the heat - will our heroes Captain Zap, A-1 the Robot, Polly the Bird and, eh, Dragon the Demon thwart his evil plans?
Speaking of team-ups, legendary Graphic Novelist [and Friend to the Blog -Matt] Alex Robinson on the below recreation coloring exercise: "Incidentally when I first saw the characters in this image I hadn’t read the early issues yet and assumed that Cerebus was part of a band of adventurers." (I'd watch that cartoon!:))

Alex: "I went with Elrod’s Silverspoon fatigues over his tall-pointy-hat look." Below is the original.

Cerebus among Comic and Film critic Kyle Pinon's top 5

Though Kyle Pinon recently finished all of Cerebus he's not going to write about it as he feels there isn't much to add to Andrew Hickey's reviews.

You might recall last Sunday's talk about Cerebus' influence on today's TV shows.

Andrew writes in his review of Cerebus:
"...Cerebus may be the most influential comic of its time on today’s culture — everything from Breaking Bad to Hannibal, every current TV show that relies on a planned, multi-season, story arc, is essentially the grandchild of Cerebus — and if Sim had achieved nothing else with his comic, that would in itself be enough to say he was one of the most influential comic creators of his generation."

And while speaking of achievements there's, of course, Dave Sim's 2020 Guinness World Record listing:
"Most consecutive issues of a comic-book drawn and written"

"Comics fans might think of Stan Lee or Brian Michael Bendis as contenders for the longest continuous run writing a character or team comic book. However, this honour goes to Canadian Dave Sim, creator of the indie comic Cerebus. From December 1977 until March 2004, Dave Sim wrote and drew the adventures of the titular aardvark Cerebus for a total of 300 consecutive issues.
John Romita Sr., Jr. and the legendary Jack Kirby also take a back seat to Dave Sim."

And there's Cerebus as the origin of the meme of all memes: "what has been seen can't be unseen"

"The earliest know usage of the phrase can be found in an inspiring quote by Dave Sim"
[The original panel -Matt]

And the popular phrase "Cerebus Syndrome"
Quora: "..a television reference which describes a tone shift to any story/series which starts out light, episodic, and comedic, and then assumes dramatic elements and a more coherent continuity. It originated from a comic book created by Dave Sim in 1977 called Cerebus the Aardvark"

And more...but this is a weekly wrap up - and this last week it was revealed that a new Dave Sim book is in the works by Damian T. Lloyd. So if you want, for the sake of balance, to know what it's like to be Dave on a day when he is just down on himself, Damian (like that is your real name, we are onto you, Dave!) has a book in the works. Contact him for a copy when it is done at where-he-is-trying-to-hard-to-convince-us-he's-not-Dave
Damian is also apparently in the latest "Cerebus in hell?"

Looking spiffy in Vark Wars merch.

Cerebus in French: Video Game Producer Thierry Gagnon discusses Cerebus

Cerebus video game

Legend William Messner-Loebs talk comics grading and Cerebus

Legend Dan Slott (writer of Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Spider-man, Silver Surfer and She-Hulk) looks back on when he started reading Cerebus in the 80s

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cerebus

Cerebus inspiration

Cerebus aspiration

Adam Reck budding comic creator and podcaster lists Cerebus among top 3

Cerebus covers on zine

Musical instruments in Cerebus

Bleeding Cool spotlights "Cerebus in hell?"

Cerebus Bday card to AMOC contributor

As a protective measure Dave permits anybody to do a Cerebus comic if they want - no murder necessary. Smart move whew dodged that bullet.
[I tweeted this to a comment on the thread. Dave's on record that he's not gonna sue anybody for using Cerebus. -Matt]

But what about a Necross comic? (Necross' only appearance is in issue 15, not counting when he turns into Thrunk)

"Cerebus Syndrome" is part of the vernacular

Cerebus and the manga "Death Note"

Cerebus and Spawn

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cerebus cover shared

Cerebus panels shared

Cerebus code shared

Cerebus issue shared

Cerebus worth it

Cerebus movie crew

Truth from a Cerebus fan.

(Marc Lynch has written several books and is Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University,where he is also director of both the Institute for Middle East Studies and the Middle East Studies Program )


(thank you google Spanish translate)

Sarah says she always uses it in 8th grade and it really grabs the students (thank you google translate)

Cerebus Facebook Group
Dion Turner shares "a ‘Dion Turner Special Edition #1/1’

Thomas A. Benson: I met Dave Sim and Denis Loubert at a comic show in Rochester NY, about the time Cerebus the Aardvark was on issue 22 (early to mid 1980's). He was doing drawings for $10 by request or his choice. I asked him to draw a picture of our hero after a long night on the town. This is pencil and black marker. He also signed my Cerebus #1 "To Tom, These are rare!"

Sean Long: This was a bit of a sketch I was able to get Mr. Sim to do in 2004. I added a character of my own (a character based upon my grandfather who died the same year) and finished the rest of Cerebus's body/etc. The pen he did it in is fading (makes me sad), but I proudly hang it in my studio. I really envy his work/style.

Budding Indie Comic Creator (his title Straw Man and did colors on Savage Dragon) David Branstetter:
Latest issue of the comic "Olympia" has a meta moment with a Dave Sim/Cerebus easter egg on the cover of the Comics Journal featured within the story.

Legend James Artimus Owen:
I still have the original cover art to this. My pencils, Dave’s inks, Ger’s color.

Legend Alex Robinson asks about T-shirts

On a sidenote: At Dave's behest i asked Graphitti Designs about doing an official T-shirt for the Cerebus movie for the upcoming tour, but haven't heard back yet. Maybe they thought i was kidding:). My wife is currently in the hospital so not sure how this will impact the movie comic store tour.

Margaret Liss: How about a piece of Now and Then Books stationery?

And: From Dave to retailers circa April 1995.

Edifice Rex: If only I'd known ...
I ended up "saving" (well, maybe I shouldn't use the scare quotes; I still have it) my copy of High Society with the use of a 17-hole black comb binding.

Steven Zamboni "My partial set practically disintegrated, and someone mentioned turning them into hardcovers..."

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