Sunday, 9 February 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #14 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

Green Dante/Green Virgil!

Oliver Simonsen:

"Can Cerebus work as a cartoon?" discussion at 4chan

Dave Sim says movies and comics are different

Comic and Film critic Kyle Pinion calls Cerebus high brow

Post modernism in Cerebus

Cerebus age

New interview with Dave Sim by John Wilcox, writer/colorist for Marvel / DC / Archie / Dark Horse

Aubrey Sitterson comic writer (Marvel, DC, Image, Oni, Viz and is the author of the graphic novel Worth currently in development as a feature film) calls Cerebus elevated, dense and challenging [Link broke.-Matt]
Cerebus adored by author DH Sayer

Cerebus a favorite for storyboard artist and indie comic creator Greg Woronchak

Watching one of youtube sensation Comic Tropes' most popular episodes

Cerebus is mindblowing

Cerebus vibes

Cerebus best later?

Cerebus captures a mood

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Silver Surfer compared to Cerebus?

Akira, Tintin and Cerebus

Usagi vs Cerebus...vs Cankor drawing in progress by Cankor creator Matthew G Allison
Cerebus and Iowa caucus

As Dave Sim likes to call him (at 37 seconds in, thanks Larry Wooten!)

Cerebus Effect and Alan Moore

Cerebus original art then...the amount of wants

Cerebus a favorite for Adult Film Star AVN nominee and indie film maker Brock Doom

Budding comic creator Troy Pascoe draws Cerebus

The glory days of being on the back cover of Cerebus

Marvel epic signed by giants Dave Sim Gerhard

Dave Sim and Erik Larsen meet....

Cerebus, Spawn and Superman

Cerebus "motion comic"

Cerebus panels shares

Cerebus cover shared

Saw this the other day...a stop on Dave's upcoming California tour?:)

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: SHENANIGANS!!!!

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