Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Hey, screw it...YOU can Hold For Dave Sim this time...

Hi, Everybody!

Green Dante/Green Virgil! (Order two, I do.)

And then: Cerebus Archive Number Eight: Women. Which ends Saturday, with the usual appearance by one Dave Sim. As he writes in the comments on the Kickstarter:
3 FEB 20
Dave Sim, creator
A good example of how unpredictable Kickstarters can be. I had anticipated the steep drop"off to FLATLINE after the first few days (and had pretty much decided
'From now on, let's cut these down to a week from a month so we can get right to the fulfillment.') but I definitely didn't anticipate the sudden resurgence with nine days to go (I had figured we would "bookend": first few days/last few days) after Sean elected to become the self-appointed "Noodge". Thank you, Sean and thank you everyone who has responded!

The wrist has been acting up badly over the last week, so I'm back almost exclusively to left-handed typing from two-handed typing, so, naturally, I'm typing at half­speed. I hope by the end of this week or the next to have pretty much switched over to a DICTATION app for all of my CORR and necessary writing. Rolly downloaded DICTATION instruction videos for me for MacBooks. Unfortunately, my MacBook is too old so when I hit KEYBOARD in SYSTEM PREFERENCES it doesn't show DICTATION as an option. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, however, and I'm sure Rolly can cobble something together. :)

HOWEVER! Typing at half-speed is going to put a crimp in my ability to keep up with posting COMMENTS here FEB 8 before this CANS KICKSTARTER, God Willing, comes to an end at 8 PM ET, 5 PM PT.

Prayer times SAT are ET PM noon, 3 pm, 5:43 to 5:54 and 7:04 to 7:15. So the last uninterrupted bloc of time is approx 3:30 to 5:30, God willing. Mostly DAVE SIM, SPECTATOR from 7:30 to 8 PM.

Thank you all VERY much for your support!
Geez, sounds like a good time to Please Hold For Dave Sim... (Which, we do the first Thursday of the month, and the video goes up on the first Saturday of the month.)

Too bad I'm not this month.

I got a meeting that night, and I faxed Dave, and he agrees that we can just skip it this month. I DID send up all the questions I got, and Dave has KINDLY agreed to answer them as part of the Kickstarter Q&A.

And then Superman's Frenemy: David Birdsong sent the ol' AMOC Mailbag the following:
Found another one.
Click to turn Big, like that Tom Hanks movie...
 AND, the ol' AMOC Mailbag got another "heads up" from Heritage Auctions:
Memorabilia:Comic-Related, Dave Dorman, Dave Sim, Neal Adams, and Others - Portfolios and
Prints Group of 12 (Various Publishers, c. 1980-90s).....
Dave's in the middle.

Memorabilia:Comic-Related, Dave Dorman, Dave Sim, Neal Adams, and Others - Portfolios and
Prints Group of 12 (Various Publishers, c. 1980-90s).....
I think that's an Eastman/Laird Cerebus...
You can bid here.
And on Yesterday's post, Larry Wooten said:
Well, now. I need to find me one of these NOT Cerebus World Tour 1995 issues. Thanks for showing me something else to search for!
Well, since Larry's a repeat customer I looked in the AMOChive, and all I got for non-300 Cerebus issues are:
Two 1995 World Tour books, A guys Party Pack, and a regular Cerebus #0
Sorry, Larry. To eBay! @#$&, they don't got any either... (I got mine from Dave through a hilarious Kickstarter mishap. So, maybe offer him a buttload of cash?)

Next Time: "My name is Hobbs. Benjamin Hobbs. License to Cerebus. I like my martinis shaken, like a baby..." I SWEAR he said that to me. Honest.


Larry Wooten said...

Cerebus Fan Powers Activate!
I certainly appreciate you checking!
I have the search saved on eBay and have started an intense regimen to prepare for long box con digging. The fun of the hunt!

Jeff said...

I'm pretty sure I have a "Not The ...", although only God and my inferior cataloguing system (which is nearly non-existent) knows where it is.

Free for you to buy, but $ ... hmm ...let's say $20 (no, no, Jeff ... be smart here and consider your valuable retired-guy time) ... $50 for me to dig around and find it.