Monday, 10 February 2020


Hi, Everybody!

Green Dante/Green Virgil!

And 133 backers pledged $17,697 to help bring Cerebus Archive Number 8 to life.

Normally, I'd run all the nifty comments Dave left, can read 'em at the link.

I wasn't there for the live Q&A.

"WHAAAAAAT?!?" you say.

Yeah, I was at the mall with my family.

But this happened:
My kids in a little corvette.
The mall had a little blue corvette.

I made them ride it.

I told them to act like they were about to hit a tree...

Just picture this as:
Click for more tree...

That's not moment enough for you people?

Okay, yesterday Oliver had a link to a tweet containing a link to this new interview with Dave.
My favorite take-away?

PS: Anything else in the cards for 2020? 
DS: The Weekly Updates -- a new one every Friday at A Moment Of Cerebus -- continue, God willing, as does my Please Hold For Dave Sim dialogue with A Moment Of Cerebus head honcho Matt Dow the first Thursday of every month which usually runs an hour or two. And A Moment Of Cerebus continues to have a new posting daily.
My part of the Cerebus In Hell? #1's is (are?) done through February 2021. Walt's Empire Strikes Back #1 (May, 2020 Matt Dow and various)
I thought it was April, but I'm probably wrong...
Attractive Cousins #1 (June, 2020); The Amicable Spider-Vark Annual #1 (July, 2020 48 pages); Spider-Whore #1 (August, 2020); Batvark Penis #1 (September 2020); Vault Of Cerebus #1 (October, 2020 me and Benjamin Hobbs); The Amazing Batvark #1 (November, 2020) Cerebus In Hell? 2021 #1 (December, 2020 me and various); Unnamed Vark Wars #1 (January, 2021 Matt Dow and various)
Oh $#!*!!! I guess I should be writing this...
Cerebus The Duck #1 (February, 2021) and Strangers In Cerebus #1 (March, 2021 Benjamin Hobbs and Laura McFarland).
So, now you know what Hobbs'll be talking about for the next year.

Next Time: I come up with something at the last minute...


Dave Kopperman said...

This came up in my newsfeed today and I thought the room would get a kick out of it. Dave's reaction would, I imagine, be more of a wry smile and slight nod.

Jeff said...


Jeff said...

So, Janis Pearl and Rocky are still (sorta) little, so why wasn't the Corvette red?