Monday, 16 March 2020

"And not much else besides."

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And there is more High Society than you can shake a baby at.

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The Refuge said...

What's Dave talking about? De? However?

15 minutes later...I just got done online looking at the Thayer's Lexicon (No idea who he is) and it sounds like deep Dave SIM talk also. Anyway, the Greek δέ comes from delta and epsilon, which come from the Hebrew letters dalet and he, which comes from the proto Canaanite cuneiform or whatever (copying and pasting it here. If it don't show it looks like a lentil of a door for dalet, and a dude with his hands raised for he.) 𓉿 and 𓀠.

15 minutes later now...almost wishing now I'd read Reads instead of getting off onto this...Interesting. In the online Bible Hub interlinear that was the first interlinear to come up in a search, and I just picked chapter 11 about Lazarus, all the uses of the word, "but" I saw were alla in Greek. But, the word, "however" was de. Maybe, that interlinear Dave used is different.

Anyway, done now. Thayer and crew said de meant "however" because originally, delet meant a ruler (by his sceptor stretching out across the door so to speak (like a wooden beam)) gesturing to one (like, Look here! Imagine Elrod I guess in a good way like, However, I say there son!.).

The Refuge said...

"SIM." Why does the Android keyboard keep wanting to correct me to SIMs the game? SIM is trending right now I learned.